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7 Quick Takes Friday, 2nd edition

— 1 —

Finn loves dog stories. He watched the Shiloh movies, Homeward Bound (1&2), Incredible Journey, and Where the Red Fern Grows over and over and…. So, when I came across the Where the Red Fern Grows book at a thrift store I bought it for a bedtime reading book. We finished it a few nights ago. The movie is bad enough, but the book is both sad and gruesome in it’s description of Old Dan’s injuries. After we’d all recovered from the heart-wrenching ending, Finn happily said, “You know what we should read next? Old Yeller!” No, just no.

— 2 —

At Half Priced Books yesterday, I saw and ignored a copy of Old Yeller. Thankfully Finn is mostly oblivious to things that are right in front of his face. Unless it’s vocabulary-building graffiti at the park.

— 3 —

On a similar note, the day after finishing WtRFG, the boys and I arrived home from Finn’s school to find a cat that had been hit by a car on the curb in front of our house. I got the boys inside without them seeing it so I could figure out what to do. Chris got home about then, so he loaded up the still barely alive cat and he and Finn took the cat to the animal shelter.

— 4 —

Beckett is still toothless, although I think all his teeth are visible under his gums. I fully expect him to wake up one morning with a full set of teeth.

— 5 —

My coffee intake is directly proportionate to Beckett’s crawling speed. My wine intake is directly proportionate to how many surfaces he cleared after using them to pull up.

— 6 —

Google Chrome was being such a PITA with Flash not working that I downloaded Firefox. Firefox is okay, but I miss Chrome.

— 7 —
I’m not sure if Beckett is saying “momma” or not. Sometimes, and it’s usually when he’s fussy, he says “muhmuhmuhmuhmuhmuhmuhmuh”. That counts, right?
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