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A Father’s Day project

Well, in our case it’s a Daddy’s birthday project, but it works great for Father’s Day, too.

You’ll need:

  • Fabric Markers
  • Fabric Paint
  • Plain T-shirts in the recipients size  (I found that Fruit of the Loom white t-shirts are thicker than Hanes. )
  • Children
  • Paper plates
  • Cardboard or something else to put inside the shirts so the paint doesn’t bleed through
Also handy are old towels, something to protect your floor and a skin safe oil or possibly Vaseline. 
To prepare the shirts, put the cardboard in each shirt and pin it taut. You can also use plastic bags, but the surface isn’t as smooth to write on.
We made two different styles of shirts. For the first take these kinds of fabric markers
And give them to your assisting child(ren). This is what should happen:
With an almost final result of :
These markers really last a long time. This isn’t the first project they’ve done, and he still managed to cover front AND back with this amount of color.
For the second shirt, write some cute phrase like “My Sons (daughters, girls, boys, dogs, cats, etc.) Walk All Over Me” or “My Sons (etc.) Made This Shirt With Their Own Two Feet” on the shirt like this:
This is the second time I’ve made a shirt with this phrase, and my lettering and wonky alignment is EXACTLY the same.
Then take your fabric paint (I used this):
and spread one color in a paper plate, like this: 
Take child #1 and smoosh his/her feet in the paint and have them carefully step on the shirt. Forget to take pictures of the smooshing, stepping, and trying to wipe the paint off their feet. 
Prepare color #2. Go grab this:
and repeat the smooshing, stepping and wiping process.
You should now have something like this:
At this point, you’ll want to wash everyone’s feet off. I found that bath oil took the paint off easier than soap and water. Once everyone is cleaned up, be sure to go back and write the date on the shirts so you won’t have to try to remember how old everyone was when you made the shirts.