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All grown up

Pardon me for a moment while I go a little silly-mommy on you.  My little boy is turning four on Friday.  Four.  That’s one year from official kindergarden age.  That’s no longer a baby-baby.  Sure, he’s still a baby to me, but he’s beyond the infant/toddler “official” baby status.  He can pour his own juice.  Feed himself.  Take care of “business” mostly by himself, if you catch my drift. 

And look at him, sitting there all dressed up. Reading Of Mice and Men.  He even went to prom last weekend.

Yes, that’s right.  He attended his first prom.  His daddy had early chaperone duty at the school where he teaches, so Finn went as his date.  Here’s the lovely couple about to steal my car.

(Quick crafty tidbit: The green window picture frame is an actual old six pane window our neighbor was tossing out.  Chris sanded it a little to show off the multiple layers of paint then clear coated it to prevent flaking.  The pictures are from our honeymoon in New Orleans.  He attached them to black posterboard and taped them to the backside of the window.  The whole thing hangs on a sturdy chain mounted from where the wall meets the ceiling.  I love it, so you’ll be seeing more of it in pictures later on.)

Look at him staring at my car keys.  I’m really going to have to keep them locked up.

And yes, the picture on the wall is Finn’s newborn hospital picture.  *sniffle*

Have a great day!


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