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Awesome Etsy Seller

I’m probably breaking all sorts of business marketing rules by plugging the “competition”, but I really have to share just how wonderful etsy seller daisycakessoap is.

I am totally addicted to her lip balm.  It is so amazing that I have a lovely stash building up so that I’m never caught without it.  I ordered a few more over the holidays, and there had been a problem with one of the flavors on her end.  She promptly let me know about the problem, refunded the cost for the lip balm AND offered to replace them at no cost.

Not only did she go above and beyond with the lip balm, she came across a forum thread I’d posted over the weekend lamenting over my daisycakessoap Patchouli cream perfume (also wonderful) that I’d accidentally left in my pocket and washed.  Today I received an email from her letting me know that she’s sending me a replacement!

She is an awesome seller with a kind heart.  Please check her out on etsy at 

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  1. Oh this is nice to know. I have a patchouli orange soap that I love (from a local source) but they don’t do solid perfumes… I am gonna have to remember this one.(thanks for mentioning it)Of course, that will be after my Nadina’s Creme is all gone.

  2. I'm going to have to try her stuff! I love handmade soaps…been a convert for a couple of months now & there's no going back to commercial soap!I love hearing when someone gives outstanding customer service too…it makes a purchase even more special knowing how much they care!

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