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Awesome! Infant Romper Refashion

This is my first attempt at making a baby romper out of a child’s t-shirt. My method was based on this wikihow tutorial  with some changes made as I went along.

This romper started as a long sleeved 5T from Old Navy that I got in a bag o’ shirts from Thrift Town. I used a 6 month romper as a pattern to narrow the sides and sleeves. The length was perfect, so I was able to leave the existing hem alone except for a small half circle cut out for the crotch.

Missed thread and lumpy couch awesomeness. 

For the crotch part, I cut two 5″ x 3″ sections from the sleeve scraps and folded them in half to 5″ by 1.5″. I then hemmed both short sides, turned them and sewed them in to make room for the closures. I had planned to use snaps, but all I had were either huge or too tiny, so I went with velcro.

What happened to my neck!!!?!?!?!?!?

I left the neck and shoulders as-is, so that part is a bit huge. I may try to take it in a little with a dart in the back, but there’s a fine line between getting the neck to fit nicely and OMG-why-are-babies’-heads-so-big! So I may just let Mr. B go for the baggy comfy casual look. Any adjustments will have to wait anyway. As you can see from his modeling debut, Mr. B was DONE, so he’s still wearing it, baggy shoulders and all while he naps.

Ooooh! and today is Beckett’s 10 week birthday! and I actually got a pic posted!

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