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Baby on Back

I’ve really wanted an Ergo baby carrier or similar soft structured carrier for a while. $100+ is too pricey for one right now, and I haven’t had any luck with Craigslist or resale shops. I finally decided to give the much cheaper but similarly designed Infantino Union a try.




There’s a baby in my backpack!



There’s no fancy pockets or anything like that, but it was only $30. I was able to get some laundry done and take out the trash with backpack baby. I would have been able to do some kitchen cleaning too, but the school nurse called for me to pick up a not-as-sick-as-we-thought-at-the-time Finnian.

The only real negative with the Union so far is trying to fasten the chest/back buckle when I’m wearing him in the front. It might be possible to do by myself, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Disclaimer: I bought this myself, full price and am only sharing my opinion about it here for my own amusement and for the three people who might find it informative. I have not been compensated by Infantino or anyone else for my opinion.

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