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Baby update

Today’s appointment with my normal OB went well, for the most part. She asked how much longer the specialist wants to see me. I told her that since the numbers they’re watching for the baby’s anemia are still higher than the normal range that they want to keep monitoring me. She is going to talk to the specialist about it in more detail, but if there is still a real concern about the anemia, then they will probably recommend an induction at 37 weeks. That’s Valentine’s week, according to my doctor. I think I’m about 5-6 days ahead of that, so it’s closer to 38 weeks according to me.

Most likely the uncertainty with the numbers is due to him being larger than average and being far enough along that there just isn’t enough data to really know what’s normal and what’s a problem. By 37 weeks, though, he should be okay to be delivered, and if there is a problem from the parvo (fifth disease), it’s much easier and safer to deal with in a newborn than in utero.

I’ll see both doctors on Tuesday and we should have a decision then. When my OB first mentioned it, I was concerned about inducing early and possible complications from that, but honestly I’ve been hoping he comes safely early because of the uncertainty with the anemia and knowing that once he’s here, they can do a blood test to know for sure and do a transfusion easily if needed. It’s funny, when everyone started making bets on when little Beckett will arrive, I picked February 17, even though my first was born the day after his due date with the help of some Pitocin. As I left the OB’s office it dawned on me that the 17th is totally plausible if they induce. I suppose it would be cheating to specifically request the 17th just so I’m right.

So, for the next week I will be working like a mad woman trying to get everything ready just in case. I’m hoping some of that mythical nesting energy I’ve heard of but never experienced kicks in ASAP. It would be even nicer if my extra preparation efforts resulted in some natural progress on the baby front. I’d feel much better about an induction if it looked like things were already headed in the right direction.

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