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Beckett’s Halloween Costume- Phase I

Planning and collecting the materials count as phase one, right? Because that’s what I have done so far. For reference, this is the goal:

My plan is to take this:

and shrink it to a Beckett sized jumper using this:

as a guide.

I had hoped to just shrink it with a few seams, but I think I’ll get a better result doing a more thorough reconstruction.My plan is to remove the sweatshirt sleeves and then split the sweatshirt up the middle. Then I’ll sew the sweatshirt halves back together at the width I want. I’ll leave the bottom and a few inches at the top back open to add sew in snap tape for legs and giant baby head clearance. The sleeves will be resized, and the extra material will probably be incorporated into the legs for a little more length and cloth diaper booty room.

I had planned on doing the sailor collar/scarf as an applique or at least sewn in the collar. I decided to make it a bib instead. That way he’ll have another cute bib and a plain white romper that could be worn a few more times.

I don’t have a definite plan for the hat yet. I’m thinking I can make it out of felt or felt for the band and sweatshirt scraps for the top. Whatever I do, I’ll sew in an elastic strap to hold it on.

Hopefully I’ll manage to take pictures throughout the construction for a tutorial, but since I’m getting short on time, you may just get a shot or ten of the finished product complete with baby cuteness.

Phase 2.1, Phase 2.2, Phase 2.3

4 thoughts on “Beckett’s Halloween Costume- Phase I

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