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Birthday Cheesecake

Today is Chris’s birthday. Chris loves Reese’s peanut butter cups and dislikes birthday cake, especially the frosting. I know. It was almost a deal-breaker.

Anyway, instead of making him a birthday cake on principle and so I can show off my lackluster cake decorating skills, eat all the extra frosting I “accidentally” made by myself and put off losing the baby weight for yet another month, I went with something a little more to his liking. I know. I’m the epitome of generosity.

For the details on the recipe, check out this blog post. To add the chocolatey goodness, sub a chocolate cookie crust for the regular graham and melt chocolate drops for the top. In the spirit of my too much frosting tradition I used melted about a cup of chocolate drops. You can probably get away with a half cup or maybe even less. Spread the chocolate on top and chill until it’s all set.

We had to kind of saw through the chocolate with a serrated knife and it still cracked. I could have made the chocolate layer thinner, let it warm slightly before trying to cut it or used a more knife-friendly form of chocolate to make cutting easier. Really, though, do looks matter with something as yummy as this?

Be sure to check back on Monday for a kid friendly tutorial for the shirts we made for Chris. They’d make great Father’s day gifts.

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