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Hazelnut Latte Soap take 1,379

I reworked my recipe for the Hazelnut Latte hot process soap and the end result is a batch of fabulously fragrant, firm bars of soap. I have to say, it’s one of my favorite soap creations to date.

I’m listing it in my etsy shop as we speak, so you can see it there. I’ll try to post a direct link asap, but with dial-up, asap may be sometime next year. 😛 (Buy lots of soap so I can afford cable internet! lol)

ETA:Here’s the link

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Nope, still goo

Well, the Hazelnut latte soap felt pretty firm in the mold, so I tried to unmold it. The entire mid section stuck, and the bottom of what came out was the consistency of warm, gooey pecan pie.

I have no idea what I’m going to do from here. I may just set it aside and wait forever for it to harden and see what it’s like rebatched. 😛

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I had my first real “disaster” with soap making a few days ago. I was working on some HP Hazelnut Latte soap and had taken a little bit of a water discount so that I could add goat’s milk at the end. Big Mistake. After about five minutes of cooking, the soap had risen up so high that it was lifting the lid off of my crock pot. I rushed over and added some more water to the mix to see if that would calm it down. It worked and I cooked it through the saponification and gel phases as usual.

When it was done, I added the fragrance, super fatting oil and some goat’s milk. The result was very nearly pudding. Two days later and the soap still had way too much water. I decided to try putting the molds into the oven at a very low temperature for about half an hour and then turned the oven off to help speed the evaporation process. I did several cycles of this over two days and still had soupy soap.

Finally I scraped it all back into the crock pot and cooked it on the lowest setting for probably a couple of hours. I know that heat can cause the milk to darken, but I figured that it’s coffee soap, so that would only enhance the color, and that I was at the point of either doing that or throwing it out anyway.

When it was done, I poured it into a flatter mold to give the soap a ton of surface area for evaporation. Twenty-four hours later, it had formed a thickish skin, but nothing more. I decided to wait another day to see what happened. I just checked it, and it has firmed considerably, so much so that I may be able to cut the soap tonight.

I’ll still have to give the soap a thorough test to be sure that it survived whole process, but it looks as though I will end up with firm, fragrant bars of soap.

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Come see all the beautiful things created by members of the CafeMom Etsy Moms Team, including some nifty windchimes created by yours truly.

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Newly listed-Tea Tree Oil Cold Process Soap

I just listed the TTO soap in my shop. I’ve been using it on my face for a few days now, and I love it. I can’t say yet if it’s working to clear my sometimes-problem oily sensitive skin, but it leaves it feeling clean without drying it out. It does make my skin feel almost a little tingly for a minute or two afterwards from the tea tree oil, but nothing unpleasant and no visible redness or irritation.

View the Tea Tree Oil Cold Process soap in my etsy shop here.