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Car seat obsession

The last big thing I need to get ready for Beckett is a car seat. I have Finn’s infant car seat, it’s in good shape, and attaches to our stroller, so I was hoping to be able to use it. While checking it over several weeks ago, I discovered that it expired one month ago, at the end of December. 
I then decided that going straight to a convertible car seat that reclines well for babies in rear facing and has enough padding to support a newborn would be the best bet. Because Finn was a good sized baby at 8lbs 7.5oz. and almost 21 inches, and because Beckett looks like he’ll be a little bigger than Finn, I figured he should fit into a convertible fine. So far, all the convertibles that I like for both features and pricing are available online only. I would prefer to see them in person, but I have been able to look at similar styles in the same brands in stores, so I’m not too worried about that.
Last night, though, I started worrying about how well he’ll fit if he’s born at 37 weeks instead of 40. The convertible seats start at 5lbs and 19inches (if they list a minimum height), so technically we should be fine unless Beckett is nothing like his brother and has everyone fooled about his size. Convertible’s do usually sit up a little straighter than infant car seats, though, and while Finn had pretty good head control at birth, Beckett might not be quite as strong if he’s born two weeks sooner. The shoulder straps on infant seats also start lower, so he might fit better in an infant car seat. So now I’m wondering if I should start with an infant car seat.
I really don’t want to have to get a new infant car seat, though. For one thing, most I’ve seen are as expensive as some of the nicer convertibles I’ve seen. I wouldn’t mind spending that much (assuming I can make it work budget-wise) but if Beckett is anything like Finn, he will outgrow it by the time he’s five months old. Also, I’ve found a limited amount in stock at stores, and the ones they carry are usually the higher priced models. So I’d have to order one online. 
Most stores do have a variety of travel systems, but I already have a stroller that I love, and, while I might not be comfortable using the old car seat in the car unless I was desperate and it was an emergency, if it still attaches securely, the straps are still in good condition and the overall condition of the seat is good, I would be okay with putting it on the stroller for a walk around the block or mall. I also have a sling carrier that I LOVE and is easier than carrying around the infant seat, so I don’t really need an infant seat for that.
In any case, I need to decide now, because if I have to order something online I need to allow time to get it and figure out how to use it. If we decide on Tuesday to induce a week later, that’s cutting it really close for delivery. And that’s assuming that the car seat arrives in good shape, fits in the car like it should, etc. 
So, I will likely be trying to make up my mind and finding a car seat this weekend. Because 1. it has to be done and 2. I can’t think of anything else until I get that out of the way.

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  1. Umm….that's what mom and dad are for, to buy us stuff. Just casually send mom an email with the one you want and voila, should be there when she comes down to help out and whatnot.

  2. I agree – in-laws and parents -tell them what you need. It is for safety so I am sure they will help out.

  3. While we were out Friday night, I compared a bunch of car seats and found a convertible one that actually looks better suited to infants than the ones I liked online. Even better, it's cheaper than the others, even if I need to buy a different infant head support to go in it. So I've got that taken care of now.

    Besides, Mom and Dad have already bought the crib, some clothes, a mobile, a stuffed toy, probably some things I'm forgetting or don't know about yet, and probably anything Mom sees that is cute between now and the baby being born.

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