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Catching up

I can’t believe it’s Valentine’s Day and I never even wished my readers Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. I hope everyone reading this had both, if you choose to celebrate.

Ours was typically eventful. Living in a house built in 1937 with a few precarious additions means most school breaks and weekends are spent working on the house. Christmas break involved tearing out the back wall of our kitchen, moving our back door, and adding a counter and storage to another wall. Why?

Well, this, for one. See the floor joist that’s not really supporting the exterior wall? Yeah.

The fun surprises don’t stop their, though. About the time Christopher got the kitchen wrapped up, he worked out something he had been puzzling over regarding the attic.

The 2x4s are original. Notice the odd spacing? Apparently whoever did the kitchen CUT OUT every other 2×4 from the attic roof supports and used them in the attic above the kitchen addition. That explains why there were notched, original to the house 2x4s above the kitchen. Upon working that fun fact out, Chris promptly replaced the missing 2x4s with 2x6s.

I have loads more to say about our ongoing home repairs, but today is my Beckett’s sixth birthday, so that will have to wait.

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