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Catching up, muffins, car and baby

Over the past few days I’ve been busy with car repair and insurance stuff from the accident, so everything from blogging to laundry has been neglected. In case you’re wondering, I’ve decided to start my catch-up day with a totally random blog post before moving on to laundry. You’re welcome.

First up,  I did manage to try out a new recipe Saturday night for Bran Muffins made with bran flakes, or in my case, the Raisin Bran that I bought on sale but nobody eats because, well, it’s Raisin Bran. Eww. It does taste much better in muffins, and they are easy to eat on the run. You can find the recipe here. I got 15 muffins from the recipe. After the first day, I put the rest in the freezer to pull out and warm up for a fast morning breakfast.

I did make a few changes since I was feeling adventurous. I added 1/3 cup of whole flaxseed (because I need to use some up), a tablespoonish splash of vanilla (because I put vanilla in everything) and a dash of cinnamon and a squirt of honey (just because). I might add a little more sugar or honey the next time I make them, but they’re really yummy as-is with just a little butter or honey. I’m also curious to try them using vanilla almond Special K in place of part of the Bran Flakes.

Next on the list is my car. My beautiful, injured car. I had an appointment on Monday to take it to Service King (SK) to get the repairs started and finally get a rental so I can quit driving with a broken taillight. We went with SK because they are part of State Farm’s (the at-fault party’s insurance company, SF) select service centers, meaning we wouldn’t have to wait for an adjustor from SF, because they have on-site Enterprise car rental, and because they weren’t quite as backed up as other shops. The guy at SK looked at the damage and saw previous repairs from before we had purchased the car and refused to work on our car. We left, obviously not happy and called State Farm to find out what to do now and to get them to okay a rental immediately since driving without a taillight is both dangerous and illegal.

At first we were told that SK should not have turned us away and they would call SK to find out why that happened. A little later SF called us back and said no, SK couldn’t do the repairs, and none of their select service centers would either. Okay, so we find our own shop, but in the meantime we need a rental NOW and could they please send the adjustor to our house to asses the damages and get that rolling. SF refused to send an adjustor to our home, they will only send someone to a body shop once we find the one we want to use. They also refused to cover a rental until our car is at a body shop, even though it is our only car and it is currently unsafe and illegal to drive.

At that point we headed home in the car we shouldn’t be driving trying to figure out what to do next. On the way, we passed a nice looking shop, so we pulled in and talked with them about the repairs. They have no problem working on our car and have experience dealing with SF, so we called SF to let them know we have a shop, our car is there waiting for an adjustor and we need a rental.

So far, we do have a rental but as far as I know the adjustor hasn’t made it out to look at the car. If I don’t hear from someone today I’ll probably be spending a good chunk of tomorrow on the phone with SF trying to figure out what is going on. I’m also trying to be optimistic, but for the way things are going, I fully expect to have to fight them tooth and nail to get the repairs covered even though everyone is in agreement that it was their customer who was at fault and my car was in good condition prior to the accident.

Finally, on a much happier note, tomorrow is my sonogram. Hopefully all is well and the baby will cooperate so I can quit referring to the baby as an “it”. I’ve heard that drinking orange juice beforehand will make the baby more active and more likely to show everything. I’ve also heard that the o.j. can make the baby too active to get a clear picture. So I have no idea whether I’ll try it. I’d be interested in hearing your experiences if you tried it.

Also, your chance to vote in the boy/girl poll ends tomorrow morning, so don’t miss your chance to vote and win bragging rights if you guess correctly. 

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