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Fun with Shiner: Shiner Bock Beer Soap

I finally made a batch of Shiner Bock Beer Soap last night. I love making beer soap. It goes together beautifully. It’s uncomplicated. It traces quickly, but not too quickly. It cooks up exactly the way soap is supposed to cook. If I were going to teach a soap making class, it’s the soap recipe I would use.

Beer Soap Cooking
Beer Soap Cooking
Pretty soap waves.

My hot process soap takes about a week to cure. Look for more Beer Soap at SubEarthan Cottage at the end of next week. It makes a great gift, especially for men. It is my most popular soap, so expect it to go fast.

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Quick Takes Friday, 3rd edition

— 1 —

I’ve decided I need to move someplace that has one month of winter, one month of summer and fall the rest of the year. I’m getting tired of sweating one day and freezing the next, or, better yet, freezing in the morning, sweating in the afternoon and switching back to freezing around 2am.

— 2 —

With Beckett trying to spend as much time on his own two feet as possible, I am fighting the urge to bubble wrap everything, including our hardwood floors. I get the easy clean-up and less allergens, but I want carpet. Wall-to-wall carpet, not just area rugs. It makes crawling around on the floor chasing after babies easier and it’s a lot softer for babies who fall down 5,872 times a day.

— 3 —

New home builders should start including an extra room in their floor plans designed for the sole purpose of storing outgrown children’s clothing and baby gear. It should have deep wall to wall shelves on one side, enough built in drawers to hold about five years worth of clothing and special hooks/cubbies to accommodate all the big items.

— 4 —

I actually enjoy good political discussions and debates, so election years are fun for me. What really bugs me, though, are the nicknames people give to The Other Candidate or The Other Party. It bothers me whether they are doing it to My Candidate or The Other Candidate. To me, it makes me discount everything the person is saying if they can’t make their point without being rude. I fully support people making use of their right to free speech however they choose. If they really want me to take them seriously, though, they’ll make their point using respectful language that would make nice old ladies proud.

— 5 —

My earlier style post has me wondering what exactly are “mom jeans”? When I was younger, mom jeans were high-waisted, tapered-to-the-ankle jeans. Sometimes pleats were involved. Boot cut jeans were considered universally flattering and makeover shows everywhere convinced women to ditch their “mom jeans” in favor of boot cuts, regardless of whether you even owned a pair of boots. Now I’m hearing boot cut jeans being labeled “mom jeans”.  So, what are the current “mom jeans”, or possibly more important, what aren’t? If my only non-mom jean options are low rise or skinny, I’m screwed.

— 6 —

At least 95% of my posts are typed one handed with either a wiggly or sleeping Beckett on my lap. Sometimes this results in typos or poorly phrased sentences. The me who needs to do something semi-creative even if it isn’t perfect and the former grammar police editor me are constantly at odds over this current fact of life.

— 7 —

I still need to make Beckett’s Halloween costume. I think I have decided on the Stay-Puft marshmallow man. I don’t think he’ll hate me too much. I suppose if I don’t get his costume worked out, I could just dress him in normal baby clothes and say he is Stormageddon. Either way.
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Bridesmaid ideas

My sister is getting married at the end of this month and I need help. I haven’t decided how to do my hair. I also need to decide on what other accessories I need. Here’s a general idea of what we’re working with, lol.

Wedding ideas


Yellow wedge heels

The wedding is an outdoor backyard wedding, so fairly casual with lots of walking on grass. It’s in the Texas Panhandle, so we can probably count on wind. Weather reports are predicting anything from sunny and in the 80s to 65 and rainy (yikes!).

The dress shown is the dress and color I’m wearing. My bouquet is yellow, but I don’t know what it looks like. My shoes are simple yellow flats with a rope accent around the heel part of the shoe. It’s more the color of the swatch than the shoes I found for the visual. I have some yellow material that matches the shoes that I plan to use to make a baby sling for after the ceremony. When I’m not using it for carrying or nursing Beckett, the sling can act as a shawl.

For accessories I was thinking about hitting the craft store for some chunky yellow beads and making a simple single strand necklace that hits just below my collar bone. I haven’t done that yet, so I may need a plan B. If I wear earrings at all, I’ll probably stick with my cz studs. Earrings and grabby babies are a scary combination, though, so I may skip them all together.  Other accessory suggestions welcome.

Now for hair. My hair is somewhere around mid back length. My sis has no opinion on how I do my hair. Between the probable wind and baby Grabby McGrabberson I’m thinking some sort of secure up-do or half up-do. Whatever it is needs to be quick and easy since I’ll either be needed to help set up or busy with Beckett and helping Finn get ready.

Awkward bathroom mirror photo.

That photo is a few months old, but not much has changed. (The photo was actually taken for a blog about using my Jasmine Soap as shampoo that never happened.) My hair is kind of a mix between straight and wavy, medium dark brown and medium thick.

My standard lately is ponytail/messy bun (to keep baby fingers out), t-shirt and jeans/yoga pants, and maybe some face powder and lip gloss or lipstick, so the thought of getting dressed up and still being able to wrangle the baby is a little daunting. Any suggestions on hair, accessories or make-up would be appreciated. 🙂

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Jasmine Incense Handmade Soap

I love using handmade soap as shampoo. If you’ve never tried or even considered it, you might be interested in reading my Shampoo Bar 101. I’m running low on my preferred Shiner Bock Beer soap, so I decided to try my new Jasmine Incense soap instead. It left my hair just as soft and fluffy as the beer soap. I did use some conditioner on the ends because my hair is about to the middle of my back and I’m hoping to let it grow even longer.

For more information on my Jasmine Incense soap, visit

Jasmine Incense Soap