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New Product at SubEarthan Cottage – Recycled T Shirt Market Totes

Set of three recycled t-shirt totes.

New at SubEarthan Cottage are my recycled T-shirt shopping totes. I’ve been using this style of bag for a while now because they are incredibly light weight and durable, not to mention a great, cute way to reuse t-shirts that would otherwise sit around taking up space in a closet or landfill. The stretchy material makes them expand to hold just about anything. Almost as much as Mary Poppin’s carpet bag, although I wouldn’t try to carry a floor lamp in one.  They’re great to use for grocery shopping, or leave a few in your car for those times when you find yourself needing a bag, like impromptu library trips or when your kids’ things seem to magically multiply over the course of a short car trip. And they’re easily washable. If you can wash a t-shirt, you can wash these bags.

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~my early morning~ by twirlaway on Etsy

~my early morning~ by twirlaway on Etsy

‘~my early morning~’ by twirlaway


Vintage Ombre Knit Shirt


Rocking Votive MADE TO ORDER


Italian Architecture – Cinqu…


Embroidery Hoop Art – Felt F…


Handmade Crochet Doily Rug


SQUARE… Messenger Bag Shou…


Set of 3 DressGreen BATH or …


Birch tumbler straight – cer…


20% OFF COUPON SALE–Black a…


primitive wall decor mason j…


Vintage Green Mug Tea Cup


Book covers – paper garland


iPad Sleeve Case Brown Wallp…


Made to Order, Modern Rustic…


Special Price Handmade Soap …


Custom ring Bead woven band….

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Shop Local (Texas) Etsy Treasury by CottageInTheSun

‘Shop Local!’ by CottageInTheSun

1967 and 1968 calendar neckl…


Ceramic Sage Joy Tumbler – S…


Vanilla Rose Scented Bath Sa…


Tree of Life – White Moonsto…


Cotton Drawstring Bags- Tree…


Buttercup No. 2 Lost and Fou…


teddy bear… newborn hat ph…


services only


Vintage Bead Pendants in Pla…


Black and White Flower Weddi…


White Turquoise Crystal Tai …


White Ring – Size 5.75 – Ivo…


Linen Pin Cushion


Ivory Lace Leaf — All Seas…


Teardrop Earrings.




Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Au Natural Etsy Treasury

‘ “Au Natural”‘ by handcraftusa

If you are allergy prone you might like to try a more natural alternative that Etsy has to offer.

Natural Lip Gloss in First B…


Two Branches In Antique Bras…


loofah soap bar – mint scent…


Halcyon. Leather Wrap Brace…


Natural Wooden Baby Teething…


Clean and Simple Laundry Soa…


Organic Patchouli Facial Cle…


Macrame Necklace with Stunni…


Citron Splash Dead Sea Salt …


Earrings – Lovely Lemon Post…


All natural and organic vege…


Purple Crazy Lace Agate and …


Unscented beeswax 6 ounces(…




Organic Cotton Baby Rattle E…


SALE – English vintage red f…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Basic Handmade Soap Terminology

For people new to buying or making handmade soaps, sometimes the terminology can be confusing. Here are a few of the basic terms you’re likely to come across and basic information on what they mean.

Cold process (cp)

This is the most traditional method. A lye (sodium hydroxide) solution is combined with oils and stirred like mad until the mixture thickens. At this point, fragrances, essential oils and herbs can be added. The mixture is then poured into molds and left to harden and finish the chemical reaction for about 24 to 48 hours,depending on the recipe.  After this time, the soap is removed from the molds and then allowed to cure for about 4-6 weeks. This lets excess water from the soap evaporate and makes the soap last longer.

 Hot process (hp)

Hot process is very similar to cold process, except that the lye and oil mixture is cooked over a low temperature until the reaction is complete.  Fragrances, essential oils and herbs can be added after the cook. The cooked mixture is then poured into molds and left to harden. The soap is safe to use immediately after it hardens, although it is best to allow the soap to cure for at least a week or two. Since some of the water evaporates during the cooking process, hp soap doesn’t have to cure for as long.

For an overview of how I make my hot process soap, read How I Make Soap: An overview of the hot process soapmaking method

An example of my hot process soap
An example of my hot process soap.

Melt and pour (mp)

This is probably the easiest for a beginner or for people uncomfortable with working with lye. A soap base that has been formulated to melt easily is melted down over low heat. Once it has thoroughly melted, fragrances, essential oils and herbs can be added. The soap is then poured into molds. This type of soap can be used as soon as the soap has sufficiently hardened.

Soap bases can be purchased from most craft stores, although you’ll generally find better quality bases from specialty suppliers.

Hand milled or rebatched

This is similar to melt and pour except that instead of a soap base, grated soap is combined with a liquid and melted down. Some soap makers like to make plain batches of cp or hp soap and then hand mill it and add the fragrances, etc.

Hand milled bars can be firmer, although it really depends on the amount of liquid added and the length of time the soap cures.

This is just a basic overview. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a great day!