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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. I stayed home and spent it with my son and my husband. I’m not much for extreme crowds and traffic. 🙂

In 2008 my focus was to create a viable shop and perfect my products. Looking back, I’m pretty well satisfied with my progress in those areas. For 2009, my goal is to streamline everything to be more productive. I’m going to have several select year-around products and add seasonal lines to the mix. I also plan to concentrate on soap and things like washcloths, etc. that work well together. I might add a new shop for my vintage and destash items in the near future.

For Christmas, my wonderful husband made me a few wooden log molds, and my parents bought me a larger crock pot. In a few minutes I’ll be taking my first batch of soap out of the new molds. It’s like Christmas all over again. The new soap is a sweet baby rose scent that has had my home smelling fabulous since I poured it.

Time for me to log off and get thing moving for 2009. Have a great day and a great year!

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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. My husband, son and I just hung out at home with a giant pot of homemade gumbo and some sweet potato pie. Our neighbor did a turkey dinner and we swapped some left-overs, so our Thanksgiving wasn’t totally turkey-less.

While my husband was doing his daily Craigslist search, he came across a free Barbie Power Wheels Jeep that we decided was worth getting for my son (no, the jeep isn’t all pink, just the wheels) to see if we could fix it. We got it running, and two year old has been loving it ever since. We’re considering it an early Christmas present.

For those of you looking for great holiday gifts, I have a few suggestions from my shop. Newly listed this weekend are some beautiful vintage snowflake earrings. The earrings are clip-on, which can be hard to find in stores anymore.

I also have a matching snowflake brooch.

And because I can’t post about much of anything without at least mentioning soap, I have a wonderful Frankincense and Myrrh scented soap listed in my shop. I love it’s warm, spicy scent, especially for the winter.

For reading through all of this randomness, I think you deserve a prize. Post a comment here about anything you want. If you can’t think of anything, post something you’re thankful for. Everyone who comments between now and midnight CST on Friday, December 5th will get 5% off your total purchase from my shop. Just enter “Holiday Blog” and your blogger name in the notes to seller at checkout and I’ll send you a refund through PayPal. (Discount good through December 15th, 2008)