Easy All in One Instant Pot Meal

When my kitchen was torn apart, I had to get creative with cooking. One of the easiest meals I did was Chicken Korma with broccoli and rice.

This is more of a how-to than a recipe. You can really use however much of the ingredients based on how much food you need and your pressure cooker’s size. For my family of five with two little appetites, I used about four chicken breasts, three cups of rice and water, one jar of sauce and all the broccoli I could squeeze in and around everything.

To make it super easy, I started with a jar of Korma simmer sauce from Aldi. You could easily substitute any store bought or homemade sauce. I also used frozen chicken breasts that I keep on hand for last minute meals.

I used an old rice cooker pot for the rice. Any heatproof container that is big enough to hold the rice and cooking liquid but small enough to fit in your pressure cooker’s cooking pot would work.

I put the chicken and broccoli under and around the rice pot. Then I filled the rice pot with appropriate amounts of rice, water and salt.

The Korma went on top of the broccoli and chicken, and I added about half a cup of water just to make sure there was plenty of liquid.

Finally, I set the whole thing in my pressure cooker and cooked it with the “Rice” setting. My electric pressure cooker is a Go Wise brand. Recipes for the Instant Pot brand usually work as written for mine, so I assume that setting would work for the Instant Pot and other similar pressure cookers.

Here is a terrible picture of the end result. I promise it tasted better than it looks. A homemade sauce would have been healthier, I’m sure. When you are strapped for time or having to make do without a fully functioning kitchen, though, it’s lots better than having to rely on fast food.

Weekend happenings.

I carried my camera around all day yesterday hoping to get some cute photos. I took zero pictures. Today I left my camera home. We went to Mc Donald’s for breakfast and let Finn play in the play place while Beckett sat at the table in a high chair feeding himself Cheerios and sharing bites of my oatmeal. Then Chris and I took turns taking B to the toddler play area and let him play for the first time. Totally no photo ops there. I am so glad I removed the few ounces of camera weight from my bag last night. smh.

With Halloween over and two more eating holidays to go, I’ve decided it’s time to concentrate on losing the rest of my leftovers from Beckett. (Feel free to laugh now.) I’ve come to this conclusion because, rather than sit at a comfortable-ish plateau, I seem to be gaining a bit. My joints are already achy enough from carrying Beckett around and the extra baby weight I’m carrying. I don’t need to add to it. Besides, I don’t think it counts as baby weight if you gain it after the baby is born.

To start, I’m going back to Spark People and tracking everything I eat. That was a big part of what helped me lose weight before Beckett. Also, since Beckett still nurses for most of his food, I need that information to find the balance between losing weight and maintaining my supply.

The other thing that helped last time was my elliptical. I love my elliptical. My joints, however, do not. Until they recoup completely from the stretching and wear and tear from pregnancy (or I figure out what is actually causing my joint pain) I am going to have to find some other exercise. Most weekdays I walk a total of 1.6 miles to and from Finn’s school, but that hasn’t helped much. If anything, I’ve started gaining since we started walking. Whatever I do, it will have to be really low impact. Too bad I don’t have access to a pool. And a babysitter.

If anyone wants to join me on Spark People, I’m sophiecls. I don’t share my actual food details because I’m a little weirded out by random strangers knowing exactly what I eat in a day. Also, I think it’s easier to be brutally honest when I know I’m the only one who will see when I overindulge.