T-Shirt to TV Pants

I went on a little Pinterest binge a couple days ago looking for ideas to help clear my refashion stash. Saturday night I decided to make a pair of yoga pants out of a t-shirt using this tutorial. I wear a size eight on average, and used an XL adult t-shirt.

I did make a few changes to the design. First, instead of cutting the shirt down the middle, I cut it down the sides from the middle of the underarm to the hem. This also means you’ll have an inseam and no side seams. That keeps any design on the front or back intact and moves them to the hips. For the waistband, I cut the underarm seam from the sleeves and squared them up to be two equal rectangles, leaving the hem intact. I sewed the short sides together making a big, short tube from the sleeves. I then put the tube inside the waist of the pants with the pants right side out and the right side of the tube facing the inside of the pants. The raw edge of the tube lines up with the raw edge of the pants. I serged the top together like that. This made it so when the tube is folded down to the outside, the seam is covered.


Sorry for the awkward pictures. No one was around to take the pictures and Doctor Who was about to start.

I sewed it all on my serger and it took less than ten minutes. I probably should have added two minutes and switched from white to black thread. Or not.

They are a little loose at the waist. If I were planning to actually do yoga or wear them in public I should probably add some elastic at the seam. Since they will probably be used mainly for watching Doctor Who while sitting on the sofa, I probably won’t bother.

Cloth diapering at 6 weeks

I started using cloth on Beckett at about three weeks. I have a mix of new and old Babyland pocket diapers and a few second hand Kushies All in ones. (cloth diaper types are defined here) I chose to start with the Babyland because they are cheap and I didn’t want to spend a lot until I was sure I wanted to continue. So far, we still have some leaks. Beckett is still at the lower end of the fit ranges for the diapers, so that may be part of the problem. I’m also pretty sure a big part of the problem is me trying to figure out the best way to stuff the diapers for naps and overnight. Beckett sleeps for long stretches, especially at night (don’t hate!) and he can soak any diaper to full capacity pretty easily. I haven’t had one poop blowout, though, which is amazing, if my experience with Finn is anything to go on. I don’t like leaks at all, but I’ll take wetness over poop any day.

Even with the leaks, I am totally sold on cloth. My neighbor gave me some disposables in Beck’s current size, so I thought I’d use them when we’re out or for nighttime since that’s when he leaks most. One time in a disposable left his diaper so red and sore that he cried when I tried to put ointment on it. I immediately went back to cloth and his hiney improved pretty quickly, although it still took a couple of days to completely heal. When I consider that he can be in a cloth diaper overnight without getting red, it’s worth the laundry and learning curve to use cloth.

I do plan to buy or make some waterproof covers to use over prefolds. They’re not as user-friendly because they have to be pinned, but I think they might be easier to adjust to his shape until he really fits the others. I also may make some fitted diapers for him from some of the free patterns available here. I really like the idea of repurposing old t-shirts and other materials to make diapers. I also like the idea of using up material from my fabric stash that is taking over my craft room.

For anyone who is interested in making their own diapers, my Joann’s now has a section with everything you’ll need to do it. I was excited to see that I won’t have to order everything online before I get started making some for Beckett. I’m sure the prices are higher than you’ll find online, but if you’re just wanting to try making a couple before stocking up on supplies, it’s not bad.

Item of the day: Upcycled T-shirt bag

Today’s item of the day is my Upcycled T-shirt bag. It works great as an everyday bag for all your essentials, a lightweight book bag, a shopping bag, etc. The possibilities are endless. If you purchase this bag is today, you will receive a free bar of my handmade soap, your choice.