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Slightly random things.

I thought I’d have the day “off” and get to sleep in since Finn is out of school today. Instead he desperately wanted to go to storytime at the library, so we had to get up early anyway to take Chris to work so we could have the car. I suppose I should be happy that he is that interested in storytime. Real coffee would probably improve my mood a bit, except for the part where my heart tries to leap out of my chest. Thank you pregnancy hormones.

We’ve been enjoying Central Market‘s free live music concerts on their patio lately. They even have a pretty nice playground for the kiddos so Finn can play if he gets bored with the music. Last night was Poo Live Crew, a cheesy but really fun cover band. Tonight it’s a Beetles cover band, so we may have to make a trip back there to check it out.

Poo Live Crew
Finn at the Central Market playground

This last picture is probably just a little mean. I talked with my mom yesterday and found out that their “good” price for gas was about $3.24/ gallon. Here’s ours:

Ha ha!
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Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s appointment went well today. I did get an antibiotic since my ickiness seems to be leaving normal allergy junk territory and moving toward an all out sinus infection. I hope it works, because I think all the OTC crap that is okay for pregnant women to take is nothing but a bunch of placebos. Seriously. Except for a neti pot. Those things are awesome for sinus congestion. For those of you who aren’t familiar with neti pots, I won’t gross you out with the details here. I’ll let google do that for me. Trust me, though, as weird and disgusting as it sounds, it’s worth it. They will help when nothing else will.

The baby’s heartbeat is still above 160. I think it was 163. I can’t believe I already forgot the exact number. I think the snot is eating my brain. For those who believe that old wives tale, there’s still time to vote boy or girl in my poll to the right.

I suppose I should post a photo or two so you can see how I’m carrying and whatnot, but honestly there’s not much to see yet, I’m always the one behind the camera when it comes to taking pictures and I’m too lazy to set up the tripod. Maybe I can get Chris to do it later. Finn would love to do it, but I’m afraid all you’d get is a blurry blob.

I’m off to try to do something productive before I need to pick up the boys. Or take a nap. One of the two.

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Color Crayon Etsy Treasury

‘Color Crayon’ by SoliDeoGloriaPhotos



Beeswax crayons


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Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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It’s about time.

I am so glad Fall is officially here. Yes, it’s still going to be in the 90s this afternoon, but at least our evenings are cooler and the mornings are consistently below 80 degrees. And it hasn’t been over 100 degrees in at least a week, I think.

Finnian enjoying the cool morning air at the playground.

Also, we have about two weeks until we get to find out if this baby is another Christopher clone or a little lady to help me balance out the testosterone. If s/he cooperates, that is. With Finn, I didn’t want to know at first, but ended up finding out at a later ultrasound anyway. Since I want to know this time, I fully expect my child to be difficult about it.

Anyway, on the right side of the blog there’s a poll. The voting closes at 9AM on Oct. 13. If you guess right, you’ll win the privilege of the first diaper change. Or something less disgusting. Hmmm, how about a high-five? Okay, so there’s no real prize other than the satisfaction of getting to say “I told you so.” But that’s pretty good, right?

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My Weekend in Pictures

Christopher and Finnian’s Martial Arts class.
Reading at Barnes and Noble.
Downtown Fort Worth.
Awesome alley/courtyard thingy.


Pumpkin Spice Latte made with fake coffee. Yum.

More yummy.

This used to be the back entrance to Billy Miner’s. Sadness.

I love everything about this building, especially the sign.

My monkey.

Game of chess at the Worthington.
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Yes, yes I am. by sophiecls on Etsy

Yes, yes I am. by sophiecls on Etsy.


‘Yes, yes I am.’ by sophiecls

I’m Pregnant I’m Unc…


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Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.