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Seriously Beckett?

Aka, another whiny pregnancy post with a semi informative update in the first paragraph.

Had another sonogram appointment at the specialist today. Mr. Beckett’s numbers were higher than they should be with a few super high spikes. Everything else looks good, and there really shouldn’t be any problems from the parvo this long after exposure, so the doctor didn’t seem too worried. Because of the spikes, though, I get to go back on Thursday for another sono to make sure he still looks okay and see what the numbers look like then.

While I’m glad to be able to keep an eye on things, these appointments are never exactly fun for me. Today I had a few new things added for extra excitement. One, the nausea and hot flashes from the first trimester have returned for round two.  So, most of the time, anything that isn’t eating (but only greasy carb and protein laden junk with an occasional piece of fruit), sleeping, or sticking my head in the freezer isn’t on my “favorite things to do” list. Two, today Beckett decided to have his head turned with the part they needed to see pointing at my tailbone. This led to having me completely flat on my back for a while (not fun), then poking, prodding and jiggling him around to try to get him to move a little (less fun for both of us, I think) and finally tilting the table I was on down at my head so I had all my blood and thankfully not what little breakfast I managed rushing to my head (yuck). And the little stinker still had his hands over his face so I didn’t even get a good look at him after all that. 

So, to Mr. Beckett: While I am very glad that you are more or less in the “ready” position, if you could please, turn your head slightly at our future appointments so that the nice sono lady can get accurate measurements without torturing us, I would really appreciate it.

And on a slightly different note, I had a total stranger comment on my being pregnant. That actually made me happy, because I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone comment in either pregnancy before today that I didn’t have to say something first. So I must look obviously pregnant, which is better than maybe pregnant or “gee, someone’s putting on weight.” So, yay for that, and yay for a probably healthy if a little bit uncooperative baby.

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I want to be an etsy toys kid! Etsy Treasury by Nicole

‘I want to be an etsy toys kid!’ by GatheringNest

Encouraging imagination and creativity instead of plastic.

Red Firetruck Crayons Set of…


Sun Stacker – Waldorf Wooden…


Toy Baby Ball in Yellow and …


Wooden toy – pull frog


Felt Oranges Pretend Play Fo…


Yellow and Orange Multicolor…


Children’s Upcycled Plus…


Blue Wand wood – fairy dress…


Monkey Super Hero with Cape


Small Alligator Puzzle, Han…


Baby Doll Sling Toy Pouch St…


Purple Tie Die Magnetic Fish…


Wood Toy Bowling Game – Whit…


Sporty wooden toy car painte…


Purple and Pink Butterfly Pr…


Waldorf Toy- Flower Fairy- P…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Go, Go, Power Rangers!

Finn has been fighting a cold since Friday night. Luckily he was feeling much better by last night. I planned to be home to pass out candy, but we ended up going to the city’s rec center for their Halloween party. It was way better than last year, and Finn got to hang out with a friend from school, so it worked out well.

Giant bouncy obstacle course at the rec center.

I do, however have a giant bowl of candy that did not get handed out sitting in the pantry. There are also cupcakes. My next Dr.’s appointment is about two weeks away. That’s probably when the GD test will come up. I’m hoping to a. not have gained 10+ pounds by that appointment and b. not do anything to sabotage my GD test. Based on the scale this morning, it’s not looking good. I’m hoping the 2+ gallons of water the baby seems to require me to drink helps to counteract the candy. Maybe. Please.

Red Ranger with Dracula from next door after the rec center.
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This baby really needs a name.

I’ll admit, I’m picky when it comes to names. I’ll spend days trying to come up with the perfect name for a dog that has a lifespan of 12-16years and doesn’t really care what you call it, so naming a human child is a huge ordeal for me.

In case you need proof, here are my general naming guidelines 1-5 are musts, the rest are a little more flexible:

1. No common names or names that are likely to be common in the next year or two. I don’t want my kid to have to have “S.” tacked on the end of his name for the rest of his life just so everyone knows they’re talking to/about him. My guess is that “Bella” and “Edward” fall in this category.

2. No weird or easy to make fun of names. Unusual is okay, but nothing that requires having to spell it fifty times and still have people get it wrong.

3. No Biblical names, because they all seem to fall into category 1 or 2.

4. No names with negative connotations. For example, I will not be chasing around after little Caligula or Adolf.

5. No ancestor names (unless the name is really, really cool and the ancestor is long deceased). I don’t want my son to feel he has to live up to a name or otherwise be influenced by his namesake.

6. Ideally the name should be three syllables. I recently realized that Finn, Chris and I all have three syllable first names, so it would be fun to continue the trend. If that fails, the name must be at least 2 syllables to fit nicely with our last name.

7. It would be nice if the name has a nickname that I don’t hate. Certain nicknames will get the name eliminated.

8. Ancestry wise, the biggest contributors to this child in no particular order are French, Irish, German, Native American, English and, of course, U. S. American. I’m comfortable being a little more adventurous in those categories of names. I would prefer something other than an Irish name, though, because “Finnian” is Irish, and it might be nice to have a little variety. Plus, Irish names are trendy now, and two of the Irish boy names I like are already taken by friends’ kids. But, if we like it and it meets the other requirements, I’ll take it.

Whew! I think that’s it. And, assuming this baby waits the whole nine months like his big brother, we only have about four months to find the perfect name. In the meantime, I’ve been referring to the baby by phrases such as “the unnamed baby.”

This didn’t bother me that much until Sunday morning when Finn woke up extra early. I managed to get him to go back to bed, but as soon as I tried to go back to sleep the baby decided it was time to have a dance party. I turned to Chris and said, “I got Finn back to bed, but the one who shall not be named seems to be wide awake.” As soon as I said it, the full meaning of what I said hit me and I started laughing like crazy. I had to explain that was what Lord Voldemort was called in Harry Potter.

Chris’s response? “Well, Voldemort has three syllables…”

So, as you can see, we really need to find a suitable name for this child, because I do not really want to be the mother of the Dark Lord.

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It’s a……

Boy! or a little blobby alien thing, I can’t really tell from this picture.
There. That’s a little more cute and a little less blobby.

The sono was at about 9:30. I had a cup of OJ at about 7:30 just because I felt like it, and a cup of decaf after that. I don’t know if it was still the sugar from the OJ or the tiiiiiiny amount of caffeine in the decaf or if he’s just another super active little boy like his big brother, but it took the poor sono tech forever to get clear pictures of everything. Well, everything except for what we needed to see to know he’s a little boy. Apparently he wanted to make sure we knew he is in fact a boy. He’s definitely not shy.

I am concerned about how active he is, though. Finn was never that wiggly before he was born. Now he never stops. He gave up naps sometime around age two, and, except for the first few months, he never took more than one nap a day unless I just happened to get lucky. And that was not because he slept through the night, either. If little bro ends up more energetic than Finn, I should probably start stocking up on coffee now, otherwise I might die.

On a different note, it appears that State Farm has agreed to pay enough to cover the repairs for my car, so yay! I have no idea how long it will be before I get my baby back, though. I’m getting used to the HHR, but I really miss my car. Compared to my car, HHR is underpowered and it has three times as many blind spots. If you’re from my area and see a red HHR on the road, I recommend staying back a bit, if possible. 😉 I am glad to have it though, especially since I’ve thought they might be nice because they have tons of cargo space and a decent amount of seating. After driving one, though, I think I’d pass. I could get used to the power, but I have trouble getting the seat adjusted so my legs aren’t cramped while driving and it would be nice to see out of the vehicle clearly while driving.