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Pregnant Dreams – 1984 style

WARNING: What you are about to read is fiction concocted by hormones, staying up too late and eating one too many sour gummy bears. (Okay a few too many. Okay a few too many handfuls.) It should in no way be construed as fact, or even my own opinion.

Last night I dreamed I was sitting in the waiting room at my doctors office with my mom. I was half listening to the news on the television while we waited when something was said that caught my attention. In my dream, the CDC issued a statement that all pregnant women needed to receive boosters of ALL the vaccines they had previously. If they were not vaccinated, they should aggressively begin catching up on all the recommended vaccines.

Now, I am not necessarily against vaccines. I am, however definitely against injecting substances into my pregnant body, some of which were previously thought to pose a serious threat to my developing baby. I sat there trying not to worry too much about it. I mean, it was just a recommendation, right? So I should have a choice, right? And doesn’t it usually take a while before the new recommendations are implemented in every doctor’s office?

I had just relaxed enough to start thinking about something else, when out marched a small army of nurses clad in green hospital scrubs. They swarmed the room, seeking out the pregnant women, vaccine number one in hand. When one came to me and started setting up, I looked at her and said, simply, “No.” She didn’t say anything and walked off.

Still in shock at the craziness, mom and I sat there trying to decide what to do. Out of the corner of my eye I see the same nurse approach, syringe in hand, ready to do a sneak attack with it this time. I stood up and shouted “I said NO, get away from me!”

Well, now they have a mad, crazy pregnant lady on their hands. So they bring out a few of the motherly staff members I recognize to try to calm me down and sweet talk me into going along with it. I continued to refuse, saying I’d go somewhere else if they continued to pressure me. For some reason I never just got up and walked out.

That’s about where I woke up. Then I spent at least ten minutes mentally working out my response (I do NOT CONSENT to ANY vaccines at this time!) immediate action (get up and WALK OUT) and plan of action for the rest of my pregnancy (find a midwife and have a home birth) should anything like that ever actually happen. Not that I think it will.

And, don’t most mom’s crazy pregnant dreams lean more toward their baby having two heads, or giving birth to a puppy or something that you can wake up and say “Wow, that was nuts! Glad that was just a dream,” and move on. Instead, I get a crazy, big-brother-government-conspiracy-type dream that’s just enough out there to still seem to be in the realm of possibility. So now instead of “Wow, that was nuts!” I’m left with “That would never happen….would it?” and wondering if I’m much more of a conspiracy theorist than I thought.

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Yes, yes I am. by sophiecls on Etsy

Yes, yes I am. by sophiecls on Etsy.


‘Yes, yes I am.’ by sophiecls

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Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Keep your kiddo entertained when you travel.

Purple and Pink Butterfly Print Crayon Wallet by sophiecls on Etsy.


Pink and Purple Crayon Wallet

Need something to keep your child busy at restaurants, on car trips or anywhere there’s a lot of waiting? My crayon wallets are the perfect size to tuck into your purse so you’ll always have something handy to entertain the kiddos.

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I’m not *that* crunchy.

Funny story.

So, I’m waaaaay behind on my laundry. (That’s not the funny part. More like a reminder of my constant state of affairs.) I had about a medium load’s worth of hand-washing to do in addition to the few loads of regular machine laundry. I decided I’d do the hand-washing in my tub rather than the sink, since there was so much. Once I had those soaking in soapy water, I went out to the laundry room to get a load going in the machine.

Apparently Finn thought washing clothes by hand looked like tons of fun. In the minute or so that it took me to load and start the washing machine, he had added about another loads worth of laundry to the tub. At this point, my washer and dryer are both full and running, so I was pretty much stuck washing it all by hand.

The washing wasn’t the hard part, though. Finding places to hang all the clothes to dry INSIDE since it’s raining and muddy was the real challenge.

Here’s a picture of my little helper. I intentionally left the red eyes. They seem appropriate for today. 😉

Have a great Tuesday!

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Sunday afternoon

We’ve been taking advantage of the super-warm spring weather today. Dh has been working to clear a section of the yard near Finn’s playground to put in a swing set.

In the meantime, I’ve been planting some seedlings in a bigger pot as well as working on a kitchen set for Finn. It consists of an old end table painted red with a white rectangle for the stove. I’m going to glue old AOL CD’s on for the burners, and attach an old brownie pan for a sink. I’m still working out the faucet and the knobs, although I’m sure we’ve got plenty of things around to make it work.

I should have taken before pictures to post of the whole project. I will get some during and after photos to share later.