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Last weekend was much better.

My plan for this weekend was to stay near home, rest, and work on a few things around the house. I was feeling quite a bit better on Saturday afternoon, though, and Christopher had been invited to a Lebanese Food Festival so I decided to be adventurous. (Food is quite a motivating factor these days.) The end result was this:

My poor car

And this:

My nearly empty plate with one yummy stuffed grape leaf left.

Finn was slightly less enthusiastic about the food. I ate his stuffed grape leaves.

The festival was fun, minus the car accident on the way there. My only complaint is that I am now seriously craving more stuffed grape leaves and don’t know where to find them.

That’s all for now, as the baby says I’ve been sitting too long and is trying to make me pass out. 

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Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s appointment went well today. I did get an antibiotic since my ickiness seems to be leaving normal allergy junk territory and moving toward an all out sinus infection. I hope it works, because I think all the OTC crap that is okay for pregnant women to take is nothing but a bunch of placebos. Seriously. Except for a neti pot. Those things are awesome for sinus congestion. For those of you who aren’t familiar with neti pots, I won’t gross you out with the details here. I’ll let google do that for me. Trust me, though, as weird and disgusting as it sounds, it’s worth it. They will help when nothing else will.

The baby’s heartbeat is still above 160. I think it was 163. I can’t believe I already forgot the exact number. I think the snot is eating my brain. For those who believe that old wives tale, there’s still time to vote boy or girl in my poll to the right.

I suppose I should post a photo or two so you can see how I’m carrying and whatnot, but honestly there’s not much to see yet, I’m always the one behind the camera when it comes to taking pictures and I’m too lazy to set up the tripod. Maybe I can get Chris to do it later. Finn would love to do it, but I’m afraid all you’d get is a blurry blob.

I’m off to try to do something productive before I need to pick up the boys. Or take a nap. One of the two.

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Pregnancy post in which I whine because I’m getting sick.

My throat hurts and my head hurts and I’m sleepy and I need to wash dishes and I need to eat something but I want to sleep more but I need to do stuff when will the Sudafed kick in I should gargle some salt water stupid Tylenol doesn’t do crap I should drink some hot tea but that would mean walking all the way to the kitchen and why are my ears popping and look at the baskets of laundry that need folded and why is it so hot today why am I sick when it isn’t even cold outside and we’re out of popsicles and I want a popsicle and I don’t even like popsicles but they’re cold and would be good now and I should just go take a nap but it probably won’t help and I’ll still be sick and laundry will still need folded and dishes will still need washed and I’ll still be hungry and possibly sick from not eating and…..

I did try to warn you.

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Pregnant Dreams – 1984 style

WARNING: What you are about to read is fiction concocted by hormones, staying up too late and eating one too many sour gummy bears. (Okay a few too many. Okay a few too many handfuls.) It should in no way be construed as fact, or even my own opinion.

Last night I dreamed I was sitting in the waiting room at my doctors office with my mom. I was half listening to the news on the television while we waited when something was said that caught my attention. In my dream, the CDC issued a statement that all pregnant women needed to receive boosters of ALL the vaccines they had previously. If they were not vaccinated, they should aggressively begin catching up on all the recommended vaccines.

Now, I am not necessarily against vaccines. I am, however definitely against injecting substances into my pregnant body, some of which were previously thought to pose a serious threat to my developing baby. I sat there trying not to worry too much about it. I mean, it was just a recommendation, right? So I should have a choice, right? And doesn’t it usually take a while before the new recommendations are implemented in every doctor’s office?

I had just relaxed enough to start thinking about something else, when out marched a small army of nurses clad in green hospital scrubs. They swarmed the room, seeking out the pregnant women, vaccine number one in hand. When one came to me and started setting up, I looked at her and said, simply, “No.” She didn’t say anything and walked off.

Still in shock at the craziness, mom and I sat there trying to decide what to do. Out of the corner of my eye I see the same nurse approach, syringe in hand, ready to do a sneak attack with it this time. I stood up and shouted “I said NO, get away from me!”

Well, now they have a mad, crazy pregnant lady on their hands. So they bring out a few of the motherly staff members I recognize to try to calm me down and sweet talk me into going along with it. I continued to refuse, saying I’d go somewhere else if they continued to pressure me. For some reason I never just got up and walked out.

That’s about where I woke up. Then I spent at least ten minutes mentally working out my response (I do NOT CONSENT to ANY vaccines at this time!) immediate action (get up and WALK OUT) and plan of action for the rest of my pregnancy (find a midwife and have a home birth) should anything like that ever actually happen. Not that I think it will.

And, don’t most mom’s crazy pregnant dreams lean more toward their baby having two heads, or giving birth to a puppy or something that you can wake up and say “Wow, that was nuts! Glad that was just a dream,” and move on. Instead, I get a crazy, big-brother-government-conspiracy-type dream that’s just enough out there to still seem to be in the realm of possibility. So now instead of “Wow, that was nuts!” I’m left with “That would never happen….would it?” and wondering if I’m much more of a conspiracy theorist than I thought.

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Yes, yes I am. by sophiecls on Etsy.


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