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Weekend review: Open (Fire)House

Saturday was Haltom City’s annual open house at the main fire station. They had games, tours, face painting, safety information and food and it was all free. 🙂 Finnian was determined to be bored, but after he got to use a real fire (water?) hose to put out a plywood house fire, he started to come around.

Putting out the fire.

Token Beckett

Standing next to a giant tire on a fire truck is sooooo boring.

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can.

My Little Fireman.

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Weekend highlights and Monday Mornings

I’ve only got a few minutes until Beckett is done playing, so I’m just diving in here.

Friday night Finn announced his tooth is really, really loose. Ever since he has announced that his loose tooth “hurts like the dickens!” I don’t know either.

Saturday Beckett started crawling forwards. He really doesn’t seem to like crawling, though, and has been trying to stand up constantly ever since.

On Saturday, we crazily decided to pack a weeks worth of fun into about four hours. We started with the Cattle Barn flea market (usually cool but most vendors were gone), the Fort Worth Science and History Museum (too much interactive preschool  deand not enough Egypt, space exploration or dinosaurs), and Ecofest/Music at Levitt Pavillion in Arlington (mini Spoonfed was cool/sad). We all made it home hot, tired and a little cranky.

We were less ambitious on Sunday, with lunch at one of our local Mexican restaurants and a run through Barney’s Bargain Barn. Finn bought a paddle ball. He thinks it’s fun, but Beckett thinks it’s the Funniest. Thing. In. The.World.

Chris, party animal B and I made it to bed shortly after midnight last night. At 2 am I woke up from a creepy dream to a burning rubber smell. Chris made the mistake of moving and letting me know that he might be a tiny bit awake, so I nudged him and asked if he smelled something. He confirmed that I was not going crazy and so we spent the next 20 minutes trying to determine if our house was on fire and figuring out that the smell was coming from our no longer running main window AC unit. Just as I was about to go back to sleep, I heard a noise from our back porch. Before I could even turn to Chris, He said in an I’m-not-getting-any-sleep-tonight-am-I tone “I don’t know.” I must have decided I’d rather sleep than worry about a crazy prowler that somehow managed to get past my dog, because that was the last thing I remember.

This morning we woke up at 7:08, too crazy late for me to use the car today, so B and I walked Finn to school. Even running late I managed to make coffee and put a load of clothes in the wash while Finn ate his breakfast and still get him to school on time.

Since being home, Beckett has given me the opportunity to try out the wet pail method for dealing with poopy diapers. (Yay!?) FYI: Dry pail works great for breastmilk poops because you can literally just toss them in the wash. Solid food poops are a bit more challenging. I’ll save the details for my next cloth diapering update.

It’s a bit early for ketchup, so I think I’ll settle for fancy coffee to improve my day. I usually drink my coffee black, but I’ve been craving flavored coffees lately so I picked up some flavored creamer last night. I found one that looked moderately not terrible for me because of it’s lack of partially hydrogenated oils in a yummy Caramel Macchiato. If I like this one well enough, I may get a little more adventurous with the Almond Joy flavor next time.

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Weekend Review: The Waffle House Edition

Leaving Finn’s Martial Arts class. See, Beckett isn’t always happy.

Not sure which Beckett finds more concerning: the crazy person holding him or the crazy polka dot diaper.

Daddy blue steel. (Chris is so going to hate that I used this picture. But he never reads my blog, so ha! and who could resist the big baby laugh?)

I. don’t. know.

Me and my big guy.

A less kissy-face picture.

More please.

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A few pics from my birthday on Sunday. Somehow I’m not in any of them.

Boys playing chess at lunch. Finn is getting really good. Mr. B’s game needs improvement. 😉

My fav sandwich shop. I love their veggie sub.

The cake. I thought it wasn’t possible to have too much chocolate.  This cake almost proved me wrong. Almost.