My Before Bed Routine

As promised, here is my before bed routine. Flylady has it broken down into three categories: Cleaning, Planning, and Focusing on Yourself.

For cleaning, I have

  • Clean cat box
  • Clear table
  • Wash dishes
  • Sweep and spot mop as needed

Living room

  • Pick up and put away things

Hotspots (flat surfaces that collect random stuff)

  • Make sure everything is dry and folded (Basically nothing sitting in the machines or in baskets getting wrinkled.)
For Planning
  • Check Calendar
  • Make to-do list
  • Make lunches
  • Thaw meat for tomorrow’s dinner if necessary
  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow
For me
Honestly I don’t have a set routine, other than things like taking out my contacts, brushing my teeth and putting on my pjs. I try to just sit for a few minutes or read or watch a little tv. Whatever feels most relaxing. Sometimes I have something hot to drink, if I’m not holding the baby.
It sounds like a lot, but once I get into the habit, I can usually get it all done in well under an hour, especially if I’ve had a few minutes here and there throughout the evening to knock some things off the list.

Bedtime routine

From my previous Flylady days, I remember my before bed routine was probably the most important when it came to keeping my days in order. If nothing else got done that day, I could still feel like I had things under control if I completed my before bed routine. Because of that, I decided to start with it.

My previous routine didn’t need much tweaking. The only real difference is that when I wrote it we still had a working dishwasher. In general, it sets my priorities as kitchen, living room, and morning prep.

The kitchen is the biggest, because if it’s not clean, I can’t cook without tidying up first. That eats up a TON of time, not to mention money because if we’re in a hurry, it’s easier to grab something on our way to wherever than to do what is needed in the kitchen. Plus, there’s just something about a clean kitchen that makes the whole house seem orderly. That’s probably why Flylady’s first baby step is to shine the kitchen sink.

Next is the living room. It’s the main room in the house, the first we see when we come in the door and the room where we spend most of our time. If it looks nice, it’s easy to welcome surprise guests. Since we use it so much, though, it can easily get cluttered if it doesn’t get daily attention.

Finally is morning prep. This includes things like setting out clothes, making lunches, and checking tomorrow’s to-do list.

Tomorrow I’ll share my before bed routine. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what things you do in the evenings to wrap up your day and prepare for the next.


When Finn was about a year old I became a Flybaby. (For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, visit I had a control journal that lived on my kitchen counter. My kitchen sink was shiny, floors mopped, meals planned, tables de-cluttered and my house was always ready for unexpected guests. Basically, with Flylady my house looked like this:

Okay, maybe not quite. I never had a giant bowl of apples sitting in the living room. Anyway, I was organized, my house was organized and it honestly took about an hour every day, tops. I swore I would never go back.
Fast forward to today. Here’s what my house looks like:
So, that’s not entirely accurate, either. I don’t do chili pepper decor. But you get the idea.
I do try to keep up with some of my routines from my days of flying, which keeps the house at a passable-as-long-as-I’m-holding- the-baby-and-looking-sufficiently-sleep-deprived-level. But, as I learned with a few days of a sick kiddo and total destruction of what little routine I had, it doesn’t take much to send everything into chaos mode. With summer coming, this is totally unacceptable. If I don’t get a head start before I have all my boys home 24-7, I will constantly be playing catch up.
Therefore, this weekend I will dust off my control journal, see what changes I need to make to my routines now that I have one son in school, a new baby and a home business to run. I will revisit Flylady’s website for inspiration. I will give myself a head start by planning our meals for the week. And on Monday I will have my flight plan ready to start taking baby steps again. 
To keep myself accountable, I will post updates frequently. (I’d love to say daily updates, but I’m trying to be realistic.)  If you already Fly or would like to start, please comment. Maybe we can help keep each other on track.