Early morning

Beckett woke me up at 5:30 this morning by crawling over and laying across my back. I’m assuming it has something to do with teething, because my other likely options for a wakeful, cranky baby are 1) about to come down with the flu or 2) about to come down with strep throat.

I tried to get him back to sleep for a little longer, but it didn’t work. Instead I used the extra time to cook breakfast instead of something cold or having Finn eat at school. Since the weather was nice we walked, freeing up more time usually spent in the car. We even had time to play at the park.

Back to work

With Beckett getting better at entertaining himself for a few minutes, I’ve been able to make some new items for SubEarthan Cottage. After getting them listed this morning, I realized it’s pretty clear they have a “new mom” theme. Click on any of the images to see all similar items shop.

First, we have the coffee cozies, because, duh.

Is it just me, or does that look like a fried egg in the middle of the big flower?

Then we have bibs, because occasionally kids have to wear clothes while eating.


Finally, we have rice packs, because after bending over for the 5,740 time to lift your little ton of bricks bundle of joy, your muscles need a little soothing. Pick your favorite fabric!

My attempt at artsy.

And, of course I had to share a pic of my little model.

Doesn’t everyone wear a bib while sitting on the bedroom floor?

All items can be found in my Etsy shop: http://sophiecls.etsy.com

Walking to school

With the weather finally cooling off (it’s only supposed to be 93 today!) I’ve started walking Finn to school. I  hope we have enough good weather this school year to walk most days. Both boys enjoy it and it makes our mornings much less hectic. It also lets me put my cool Joovy thrift store find to use. (BTW, if anyone has a stray snack tray for it they want to part with, let me know. I could just order one from the website, but that would kill the whole second-hand vibe. And they cost more than I paid for the stroller.)

Ready to go.

Needed more coffee. And a more flattering angle.

Happy Beckett.

We are entering the perpetually messy face phase.

Shadow totally took advantage of my photo preoccupation to give icky face kisses. At least  B thought it was funny.