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Cheap Crockpot Chicken Stew Stuff

Ridiculously simple dinner tonight, provided it tastes as good as I think it will, lol.

You’ll need:
Chicken leg quarters, however many you need for your family. (I used three.)
2lb bag of frozen stew veggies. (Yes, I’m being lazy.)
Can of condensed cream of whateveryoulike soup + 1 can of water. (I used fat free cream of celery.)
Random seasonings from the spice rack. (So far, I’ve added dill weed.)

Dump everything in the crock-pot and cook 6-8ish hours on low or 4-5ish hours on high.

The best part:

Chicken- $1.48
Veggies- $1.99
Soup- about $1.00
Spices- a few pennies.
Grand total- about $4.50

This will feed the three of us tonight with leftovers for either another dinner tomorrow or two lunches for Chris. So, the total per person per meal is about $0.75-0.90. You can add a salad, bread, or another vegetable for a side and it’s still a cheap meal.

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