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Cloth Diapering Take One

Please excuse any typos. Most of this post was typed one handed with Beckett’s help.

At the recommendation of a few of my friends, I purchased a few Babyland diapers on Ebay to try out. One of my friends then gifted me with her no longer needed stash of Babyland and Kushies diapers. She was worried about residue with them, but after thoroughly stripping them they seem fine. If they work well for my little guy, I should be set.

The Babyland diapers are one size pocket diapers similar to Bum Genius. (Post on the different types of diapers to come soon, I hope.) They generally start fitting at about 8-10lbs, so I’ve been using disposables while waiting for Beckett to get a little bigger, for his umbilical cord to fall off and for me to get settled into something that resembles a normal routine. Beckett is probably about 8lbs now, so I started trying out the cloth diapers yesterday.

One thing I’ve learned about using cloth is that you can’t use most diaper creams because they cause the fabric to repel rather than absorb moisture. If you use diapers that can be boiled, such as prefold diapers, you can usually fix that easily. Diapers with a built-in waterproof cover are more difficult. With them, your best bet is to either use a cloth diaper safe ointment or a liner to catch the ointment before it gets on the diaper.

Thanks to some antibiotics I needed about a week after he was born, Beckett is fighting a diaper rash requiring Nystatin ointment. To keep it off his cloth diapers, I use inserts I sewed from old t-shirts, flannel and terry cloth as liners. Not only do they protect the diaper, they add some absorbency. I’m also sticking with the older diapers for now. That way if I start having problems with repelling, I won’t feel as bad if I can’t strip the residue out.

So far I’ve had decent results. I have had some trouble with leaks around his legs and back. I think the leaking on his back was because I didn’t have the diaper properly adjusted. Once I figured out where to fasten them for his best fit, that stopped.

The leaking around his legs has been trickier. I think it’s probably due to him still being a little small to get a good fit there. Overall, though, I’ve had fewer leaks with them than I’ve had with disposables on him.

I’ve also noticed that his tushy stays cleaner in the cloth, which was a pleasant surprise. Not only has that helped his rash clear up, it makes diaper changes go much faster. That’s something we’re both happy about.

I do think I’ll add some diaper covers to my stash for flexibility. Those I’ll use with prefolds and maybe even try my hand at making some fitteds.

Now for some random cuteness:

Blue Steel
Why is it so cute to dress babies like big people?
In the background you can kind of see some of the Babyland  diapers.

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