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Conversations with Beckett

I swear Beckett and I had this conversation while trying to decide what to have for lunch.

Me, while opening the fridge: Let’s see what we should eat for lunch.
Beckett: arrunngghhhbeggcnnnnnnn (Most important syllables in bold)
Me: Bacon?! (There was, in fact, a package of bacon clearly visible in the fridge.)
Beckett: aaaarroooyooshhh
Me: Yes? No, silly, we don’t need to cook bacon for just you and me.
Beckett: ErrrrrrughhHeeeeyArrrrrrrrrrrrrmumAAAAAAAAH!!! (I think that meant “That’s the idea! More for us!!!)

(We did not have bacon for lunch. We decided to save it for breakfast at dinner, which is way better than breakfast at breakfast because it doesn’t happen before noon.)

When asked if he could say momma, he said, “Un-uh.” Stinker.

When trying to crawl off the bed and ending up head first and about to fall if Daddy hadn’t been supervising, he said, “Uh-uho”.

In other Beckett news, he started pulling up to standing in his crib this morning.  I keep telling him he can NOT start walking before his first birthday. Something tells me he isn’t going to listen.

Toothless playing with a fabric ball I made for him today.

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