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Conversations with boys

 In the car going to breakfast this morning
Chris (at about 9 am): I have been coughing since 7.
Me: You know, the doctor did give you some cough syrup.
Chris: Yeah, but if I take it, I can’t complain to you about how bad I feel.
Me: …..

Over “coffee”
Finnian:This is hot.
Me: Blow on it.
Finn: ….I just blew on it with my nose!
Me: Ewww, don’t use your nose! You’ll get boogers in it.
Finn: Boogers are good creamer.

If Beckett were verbal, our conversations today would go like this:
Beckett: Mom, give me some of your rice…
Me: puts rice in front of Beckett
Beckett: …so I can throw it on the floor!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! 

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