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Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s appointment went well today. I did get an antibiotic since my ickiness seems to be leaving normal allergy junk territory and moving toward an all out sinus infection. I hope it works, because I think all the OTC crap that is okay for pregnant women to take is nothing but a bunch of placebos. Seriously. Except for a neti pot. Those things are awesome for sinus congestion. For those of you who aren’t familiar with neti pots, I won’t gross you out with the details here. I’ll let google do that for me. Trust me, though, as weird and disgusting as it sounds, it’s worth it. They will help when nothing else will.

The baby’s heartbeat is still above 160. I think it was 163. I can’t believe I already forgot the exact number. I think the snot is eating my brain. For those who believe that old wives tale, there’s still time to vote boy or girl in my poll to the right.

I suppose I should post a photo or two so you can see how I’m carrying and whatnot, but honestly there’s not much to see yet, I’m always the one behind the camera when it comes to taking pictures and I’m too lazy to set up the tripod. Maybe I can get Chris to do it later. Finn would love to do it, but I’m afraid all you’d get is a blurry blob.

I’m off to try to do something productive before I need to pick up the boys. Or take a nap. One of the two.

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