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Energy XChange

Energy XChange

This is a very cool project that my husband found online when researching Aquaponics. They have greenhouses that grow native ornamental flowers. The greenhouses are heated with water circulating through radiant heat flooring. The water is heated in boilers powered by methane gas from a local landfill.

The part that I found to be super cool is their craft studios. They give craft residencies to potters and glassblowers that are picked to work on their site for a nominal fee.

The following is directly from their site:
Participants in the
program may stay as long as three years and receive training in
business practices from HandMade in America, Inc. and Mayland Community
College. The clay kiln and glass furnaces are fired with landfill
gas at no additional cost to the residents with a projected savings
over the life of the project estimated at over two million dollars.

I highly recommend anyone interested in renewable energy or glasswork and pottery to check this site out. If nothing else, the examples of pottery they show are amazing.

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  1. What a neat article–thanks for sharing!

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