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Featured artist of the week: Judy, creator of Cat’s Paw Artifacts

Name and Business name: Judy, creator of Cat’s Paw Artifacts

Tell us a little about yourself and your business: I’ve been doing lampwork beads about five years and my bead fixation started before then when I did beadweaving. My first creative endeavor was as a theatre student at the University of Minnesota in technical theatre. I did free lance graphic design for a number of years in the Boulder, CO area after that. When I moved to Portland, OR with my husband I got very interested in beads, first as a bead weaver and then wanted to start to make them.

I belong to CGGE – a great group of people and glass artists by the way and PDXEtsy and EtsyBEAD.

My favorite beads are the cats, the horses and the flowers. I’m also getting addicted to pmc and glass combinations.

Links to your Etsy shop and blog:

My Favorite from Cat’s Paw Artifacts: I am seriously emailing a picture of this necklace to my husband. Judy’s beads alone are beautiful, but the way she combines them in this necklace is simply stunning.

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