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Featured Artist of the Week: Pamela Kucera creator of Penelope & Anastasia

Name and Business name:
I’m Pamela Kucera and my Jewelry business name is Penelope & Anastasia

Tell us a little about yourself and your business:
I have my fingers in so many creative projects, it’s seriously ridiculous! Jewelry is one that lasted the test of time (just celebrated my 5th anniversary in business!) I currently dream up projects and then make them come to life around my 2 year old’s mood – lol. Staying at home with our daughter and making jewelry is an absolute dream come true!

What made you get started in your business?:
I’ve always been a jewelry lover…who disagrees with Cocoa Chanel’s comment of taking off one piece before leaving the house! Started making my own creations and when I started getting requests…the business was born.

Anything else you’d like to share:
I’m up to my elbows in www addictions! I’m an Etsy girl, a facebooker (which has helped me immensely with sales) and a twitterer too! It’s easy to get caught up playing online and not working in the studio…I have to tell myself to go work – lol!

Tell us about your favorite item currently listed in your shop:
My favorite now would be… The Meredith Earrings; simple in design, but they add such a pop to your day!

My favorite from Penelope & Anastasia: Penelope & Anastasia offers so many beautiful, colorful pieces that I thought it would be hard to choose just one. Then I saw her Scarlet Earrings. I have to say that I really don’t think I’ve ever seen earrings quite like them. These earrings are beautiful and sure to get noticed!

Check out Penelope & Anastasia here:
My Etsy shop –
My Facebook Fan Page –
My Twitter –

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  1. So much appreciation for the P&A love!

  2. You are very welcome!

  3. Those scarlet earrings are stunning! Thanks for sharing this seller!

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