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First day of summer.

Today was the first day of summer for Finnian. Chris still has a week left. Beckett loves playing with Finnian, so I mistakenly thought I might be able to get a few minutes to myself here and there to, say, wash dishes or fold laundry, or maybe even go to the bathroom by myself. Instead, here’s what my day was like.

Wake up with massive sinus headache at 6:30ish. Out of Sudafed, so I take maximum dose of ibuprofen and hope for the best. Baby wakes up. Change his diaper and lay back down with him and hope he’ll nurse back to sleep. (YES!)

Wake up for real at 10 ish. Headache moderately better. Finnian wakes up. Nothing would make him go back to sleep, and it is ridiculously late, so we get up. Quick shower with Finn entertaining Beckett in his empty bathtub on the bathroom floor.

Get dressed and “fix lunch for Finn”. (Pull out a lunchable instead of the sandwiches or mac n cheese because Beckett is VERY UNHAPPY). Settle on the couch with laptop and the intention of paying bills while Beckett nurses and takes a nap. Instead Beckett is either gassy or fussy from the change in routine and nurses in one minute increments punctuated by short bursts of fussiness. Whenever he seems about to settle, Finn asks a question/makes a random loud noise/comes in for a closer look to see if B’s asleep and wakes him up. Repeat for about an hour. Finally get Beckett and Finnian settled enough to pay the end of the month bills.

Move clothes from the washer to the dryer and toss diapers in the wash. Massive headache returning. Realize I haven’t eaten or had coffee yet and it’s already 1:30. Go to kitchen, discover cat poo in front of the pantry. Clean up while threatening to kill cat. Take out trash. Make coffee and eat two chocolate chip cookies. Get caught and fix Finn a cup of milk and a few cookies. Wash dishes. Eat a few more cookies. Drink about four sips of coffee before Beckett is awake and fussy. Refuse to wonder if he’s teething.

In the meantime, Finn decides to get dressed. Now he can’t find his suspenders. Total panic mode on his part. Try helping him find them with B in one arm. Finally get B to let me set him down (for about 1.5 minutes). Find suspenders in the dryer. Discuss why it’s important to remove them from your pants at the end of the day with Finn. Rescue a fussing B from the crib.

Lay down in bed with Beckett to nurse while playing Connect 4 with Finn. Beckett decides he’d rather sit up and watch. Peace for a little while…..

Chris gets home. Need to go vote and pickup books at the library. Load kiddos into a hot car and tag team at the polling place. There’s only one electronic booth and three paper ballot booths. Glance from the sweet elderly lady currently seated at the electronic booth to my little darlings waiting with their daddy just outside the door and grab a paper ballot. Vote. Load back up in the hot car and head to the library. Briefly wonder why Beckett is uncharacteristically quiet in the car. Instead have discussion with a now fussy Finnian about why we get mad when he covers his ears when we’re talking to him. Get to library. Get books for everyone. Load up and head home.

Beckett is happy in his car seat, so leave him in the air conditioned living room with Finn and rush to get a start on dinner. 2.5 minutes later let Chris take over due to fussy baby. Get Beckett to sleep for a late nap in the bouncy chair. Eat. Fussy baby wakes up. Change and nurse him to sleep for the night. Take about an hour to make sure he’s asleep/browse library books.

Wash dishes. Freeze fruit for smoothies. Cut up vegetables for tomorrow’s dinner. Sit on the couch to blog while letting Finn stay up waaaaay too late, mostly because it will make him sleep in again tomorrow. Plan to get up earlier so my day is (maybe) smoother.

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