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From soaper to sewer

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been spending more time at the sewing machine than at the soap pot. My first were my tote bags. Thanks to my sister, I managed to get some great shots of how they look in use as well as some clearer outside product shots. Here’s a few of the new pictures I did yesterday:

Today I plan to make a couple tablecloths for the craft fair and get moving on my sign. For the sign, I’ve cut out lettering from felt. I will then glue or sew the letters on a white fabric background and maybe embellish with trim around the edges or a few leaves and hand prints. I have a few ideas for embellishing it, but I figure it will be best to wait and see what looks best.

Have a great day, and Happy Birthday to my Uncle Steve! (I think I’m done with birthdays for this month, finally!)

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  1. Oh SEWer. I thought your title meant sewer — as in, my soap batch was so bad, I had to chunk it in the sewer. LOLTook me awhile to realize you weren’t going to talk about a bad soap batch.

  2. I knew I should have written it sew-er. LOL! After some of the comments in ab Etsy Forum thread titled “Tips for Sewers” I really should have known better.Although I did have a soap batch recently that would have qualified…

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