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I’ve decided to start a container garden with a mix of herbs and a few flowers. In the past, all my attempts have resulted in pots of dirt with dead plants in them. This time I’m determined to keep them alive!

Yesterday, Finn and I re potted some herbs I had started as seeds. So far, the basil looks promising, but the cilantro and dill look a little rough to say the least. Hopefully they’ll perk up once they get used to their new home.

I also bought rosemary, lavender, and peppermint that got transferred from there original containers. So far it looks like they’re not too traumatized by the move.

While at the supermarket Tuesday night, I picked up a discounted pot of the little white and yellow flowers in the photo. I’m not sure what they are called, some kind of mum? I’m not sure how those will do, but I transplanted them to a bigger pot, too. Today I will go through and trim off any old looking blooms and leaves.

In the long white containers are marigold seeds, radishes, sunflower seeds, and some mixed flower seeds. I also stuck a few of the basil and other herbs I had started in one since I didn’t have enough room in the other pots. Once those start sprouting I’ll thin and transplant as needed.

In the house I have an African Violet that I also bought on Tuesday. I would have re potted it, too, but after reading that they prefer to be in smaller pots I’ll wait on it at least until I have an appropriate sized pot.

Wish me luck!

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