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Go, Go, Power Rangers!

Finn has been fighting a cold since Friday night. Luckily he was feeling much better by last night. I planned to be home to pass out candy, but we ended up going to the city’s rec center for their Halloween party. It was way better than last year, and Finn got to hang out with a friend from school, so it worked out well.

Giant bouncy obstacle course at the rec center.

I do, however have a giant bowl of candy that did not get handed out sitting in the pantry. There are also cupcakes. My next Dr.’s appointment is about two weeks away. That’s probably when the GD test will come up. I’m hoping to a. not have gained 10+ pounds by that appointment and b. not do anything to sabotage my GD test. Based on the scale this morning, it’s not looking good. I’m hoping the 2+ gallons of water the baby seems to require me to drink helps to counteract the candy. Maybe. Please.

Red Ranger with Dracula from next door after the rec center.

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