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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m cooking for my little clan this year, and I love it. As much as I enjoy getting together with family, when it’s just us, there’s no pressure. I still do all the important (to me) foods and in the same quantity as if we had a full house. The best part? Cooking a lot at once is really not much different than cooking a scaled down version of the same stuff. Then you have leftovers. Yummy Thanksgiving leftovers that could potentially eliminate the need to cook much of anything for the next week. You could even make a few turkey pies with just a little effort and freeze them ahead for a few nights of not cooking down the road. It’s like a little present to myself.

Last year we went elsewhere for Thanksgiving day, and I ended up cooking a whole Thanksgiving dinner at home a few days later because not having leftovers was sad. (I was also pregnant and hungry. That may or may not have had anything to do with it.)

I got a little crazy this year with the turkey. Normally I just season it with random herbs and oil or butter it before roasting. This year…

Beckett’s only got a pound on this bird.

I’ve always thought bacon would help keep the breast meat moist and extra yummy, but I’ve never tried it. All the lattice woven bacon birds on Pinterest gave me the nudge to try it, sans bacon weaving. As added insurance, I shot the bird full of butter marinade. If this isn’t the yummiest, juiciest turkey ever, I probably don’t deserve to cook turkey.

Have a great day!