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I have skylights.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter have probably heard about our latest home improvement project. For the rest of you, here’s a summary.

My roof leaks. It has off and on pretty much from the time we moved in several years ago, thanks to the previous owner’s way of “fixing” things. It finally got to the point that patching it was no longer an option, so Chris (my husband) has made it his goal to roof the back, leaky portion of the house this summer.

In case you’re wondering, the original section of the house had wood shingles. When the previous owners added on, they decided to just lay tar paper and asphalt directly on top of the wood shingles. That’s why the top 1/4 or so of the roof is just a bunch of slats instead of being fully decked. Lovely.

I took these pictures on Tuesday. Since he’s teaching summer school, he’s only able to work in the evenings. This is pretty much how it looked on Wednesday when a surprise storm rolled through and rained on us for about a minute or two.

Luckily it was a light rain, so with the pecan trees that shade our house there weren’t any problems. It did motivate him to get the roof decked as much as he could. We still need about 1-2 sheets of plywood to finish the decking, but we’re definitely more protected should any more random showers pop up.

Chris is off Friday and hoping to bring in some recruits so that it can be finished up this week. At that point it can rain all it wants so we can be sure we’re safe to work on our indoor projects (aka repairing the damage from the leaks).

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