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Influenster Goody QuikStyle Brush

I was chosen by to receive their Holiday VoxBox of products to review. Everything was given to me free of charge. The reviews are my comlpetely honest opinion.

Here’s a shot of everything from the box.

Goody QuikStyle Half Round Styler, Quaker Real Medleys Apple Walnut Oatmeal+, Coupon for $25 to use and share (INFLUENSTER25), Montagne Jeunesse Clean Up Mud Face Mask, EBOOST effervescent powder, NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City, and Kiss Nail Dress

To keep it simple, I’m reviewing everything separately. Today is the Goody QuikStyle Brush. Review after the jump.

I received the half round Goody QuikStyle Brush. It claims to remove up to 30% of the water from your hair as you style. I had actually seen these at Walmart about a month ago, and wondered if they work, and most importantly, if the microfiber bristles do weird things to your hair. I passed on buying one because I avoid heat styling my hair and figured it would be best used for blowouts.

I had planned to do a blowout once with this brush for review purposes, but I haven’t had the time, so I decided to go ahead and review it based on how I have used it.

My usual routine on days I wash my hair is to comb my dry hair first, then wash. If I’m using conditioner I’ll comb it through in the shower and rinse. I then gently towel dry so I don’t tangle it and either braid it or put it in a bun if I’m going out or leave it down to air dry if I’m staying home.

Since having the Goody QuikStyle Brush, I’ve been brushing with it after I towel dry. I do end up breaking out the blow drier to dry the brush after a few minutes of brushing because the microfiber bristles absorb quite a bit of water quickly. After brushing it through a few times, I can leave my hair down to air dry in under 30 minutes vs the hours it usually takes.

The other way I’ve used it is when I’ve slept with my damp hair in a bun. By morning, my hair is drier than towel dried, but still slightly damp. When I brush it with the Goody QuikStyle Brush, it gets it dry and gives it a nice polished look. That’s actually what you’ll see in the awkward sideways photo.

Same awkward bathroom mirror photo that blogger stubbornly insists on turning sideways doing double duty. 

I was worried the microfiber bristles might be too grippy and pull or tangle my hair when I first saw the brush. I haven’t had any trouble with it gliding through wet or dry hair.

Overall grade: A-
Average cost: $11.99
Would I purchase myself: Probably not. While I found some uses for it, it’s not something I have to have. If you blow dry your hair often or just love trying new gadgets, though, it’s not a bad product to have on hand.

Influenster Goody QuikStyle Brush was originally published on SubEarthan Cottage

Influenster Goody QuikStyle Brush was originally published on SubEarthan Cottage