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It’s a……

Boy! or a little blobby alien thing, I can’t really tell from this picture.
There. That’s a little more cute and a little less blobby.

The sono was at about 9:30. I had a cup of OJ at about 7:30 just because I felt like it, and a cup of decaf after that. I don’t know if it was still the sugar from the OJ or the tiiiiiiny amount of caffeine in the decaf or if he’s just another super active little boy like his big brother, but it took the poor sono tech forever to get clear pictures of everything. Well, everything except for what we needed to see to know he’s a little boy. Apparently he wanted to make sure we knew he is in fact a boy. He’s definitely not shy.

I am concerned about how active he is, though. Finn was never that wiggly before he was born. Now he never stops. He gave up naps sometime around age two, and, except for the first few months, he never took more than one nap a day unless I just happened to get lucky. And that was not because he slept through the night, either. If little bro ends up more energetic than Finn, I should probably start stocking up on coffee now, otherwise I might die.

On a different note, it appears that State Farm has agreed to pay enough to cover the repairs for my car, so yay! I have no idea how long it will be before I get my baby back, though. I’m getting used to the HHR, but I really miss my car. Compared to my car, HHR is underpowered and it has three times as many blind spots. If you’re from my area and see a red HHR on the road, I recommend staying back a bit, if possible. 😉 I am glad to have it though, especially since I’ve thought they might be nice because they have tons of cargo space and a decent amount of seating. After driving one, though, I think I’d pass. I could get used to the power, but I have trouble getting the seat adjusted so my legs aren’t cramped while driving and it would be nice to see out of the vehicle clearly while driving.

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