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I’ve been invaded!

My husband took over my craft room. I didn’t really mind, but I’ll admit I was a little nervous. I had to fight the impulse to rush in and hide all my good scissors. I did practically say You. Don’t. Touch. while pointing them out. I wasn’t quite that blunt. I don’t think.

R.I.P. Mr. Yardstick

There was also a rather frightening moment when I heard Finn start laughing and saying uh-oh and then Chris came in and asked if I had ever taken x part off my (beloved) sewing machine. (Um, no I hadn’t.) Said part did return to it’s proper place without any noticeable effects so far. At that point, though, I did reiterate that any injuries to my sewing machine would result in a possibly costly trip to the repair shop ASAP.

There was one casualty. The yardstick you see lying on the ironing board is now about a foot shorter. I didn’t ask. It has been replaced.

This is the final product.

The green thing at the bottom is a leg. The post directly above it is to practice blocking a stomach shot. Which, I suppose means the attacking dummy has three arms and one leg. Hmm. 

It is a Mook Jong dummy (not Mah Jong as I’m constantly trying to call it) used to practice for their martial arts class. Notice the lovely sewn cushions.

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