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Lard soap, anyone?

I have a ton of my older handmade lard soap that I’m not going to relist. It would be great as a general all purpose hand soap or grated for laundry soap. I also keep a chunk of it at my sewing machine to stick pins in as I sew. It seems to help them glide through material easier.

I have some bars that are probably 4-6ounces each and some random smaller chunks. If anyone is interested, I’ll send you some for the cost of shipping. Just send me an email to csloan @ and we’ll work out the details.

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  1. Does it make your skin really greasy?PussDaddy

  2. Not that I've found. I use it more as a hand or laundry soap because it leaves my skin feeling a little on the dry side.

  3. I always use all of it for handsoap anyway. Does it have scent? See, the thing is, I am going on vacation on the 18th and my mail will be being held at the post office from that day forward for a few days. And if anything is sent UPS, I don't think they hold that, only post office mail. I could always get some later though if you still have it when I get back.PussDaddy

  4. It doesn't really have any scent to it. Most people say it just smells like soap.I always send things USPS unless requested otherwise. If you want, I can always hold some for you and mail it when you get back.

  5. I should add that this is all from an older batch. It's yellowed with age, but it's otherwise fine. I still use it, I just made a ton with plans to make laundry detergent from it. I never got around to doing the laundry detergent, I need the space, and there's so much it would take ages for me to go through it all.

  6. I have soap in my closet that I bought in 1989, lol. Old doesn't really scare me. I really prefer a scent, but when I get back, which will be near the end of the month, I will buy some. Since it isn't scented though, I will probably only want a couple of bars of it. And of course if anyone wants it before I get back just go ahead and sell it. I usually do what I say I will do though.PussDaddy

  7. Oh, and if no one buys it, is there a homeless shelter or something you could donate it to instead of dumping it? You could just explain that it is handmade and older but still good.PussDaddy

  8. Cool. I have plenty, so unless there's a mad run on it in the next few days, I'm sure I'll still have a few bars available.I'll look into donating some of it, too. That's something I've thought about before, but so many places are weird about things that aren't store-bought and wrapped. I wasn't sure if anyone would take it.Thanks!

  9. Maybe, since I will be buying this, and you will be sending me a paypal invoice anyway, if you have any other of your soap like the soap in your shop that is looking for a home, maybe I could get a couple bars of that too? I will pay for it, of course.PussDaddy

  10. Just email me with what you're interested in. csloan @ and we can work out the details. 🙂

  11. Ok, I will do that when I am ready after vacation and stuff. I was just about to get your tomato and your grass soap when Etsy muted me and I left. Thanks so much.PussDaddy

  12. I am using my lard soap now, and it is just fine. It cleans, and lathers up as well as any other soap I have bought. The other soap I bought smells just wonderful as well. Thanks for selling it to me.PussDaddy

  13. That's great to hear. Thanks again!

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