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More Craft Fair Tips?

I got some great tips last week for my first craft fair. I also got some responses from other craft fair newbies who were looking for tips themselves. So, to benefit everyone, next weeks Thursday posting will be a compilation of the best tips I receive.

If you have any you’d like to share, please comment here with them, or email them to me at csloan AT subearthancottage DOT com. Be sure to include the name or username you’d like the tip to be credited to. You may also give me a link to your blog, website or shop to include with the tip.


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  1. It's best to do it with a buddy! More fun & nice to have someone watch the space during potty breaks & look out for shoplifters…& don't take a book…you'll be more approachable if you're not reading. Wish I could be at your show to smell all your soaps! :o)

  2. Thanks! I’ve made sure my mom and my hubby are available that day. That way, I’ll have one to watch the kiddo and one to help at the fair. Plus they can switch off at lunch or something if needed.

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