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Morning at the Park

The morning started with it’s usual some people not wanting to get dressed and others not being to breathe or eat or sleep or do anything much besides fuss or be carried. We also had the morning “I feel sick”-s going on. Thanks to the magic of not being on Daylight Savings Hell Time* anymore, I still managed to take a shower (!) and get everyone out the door in plenty of time to play at the park before school. I even remembered my camera. 🙂

See how happy they are now. And yes, it is still warm enough for shorts in November.

Monkey boy.

*Yes, this is the real time. That hour earlier nonsense that we will have to endure again in the spring is the fabricated, probably pointless and possibly detrimental health-wise, Daylight Savings Time. Did I mention I hate DST? I should probably move to Arizona.

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