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My Hero: A Mini Tutorial

My son is really into superheros right now.  He started asking for a superhero costume yesterday.  Given that he’s three and impatient, I needed something quick and easy.  Here’s what I came up with:



I took one 2x mens t-shirt and cut it straight down the sides, removing the sleeves.



Then I cut off the front panel, leaving the neck band and a 3-4 inch curved section attached for the

front.  That way there’s no ties so he can put it on himself.



Finally I cut the front panel into three long strips.  One got holes for the eyes and tied around his head for the mask.  The other two I sewed together at one of the narrow ends. I tied it around his waist for the sash.


The mask is getting a little stretched out, but he likes the bigger eye holes, so that’s working out well.


Now he’s wanting a Batman costume, too, so I’ll need to locate a black t-shirt soon.  I’ll try to remember next time to take pictures of the process and post them for visual reference.


You can see more of my little superhero pictures here:



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