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My Saturday so far

Finn came into our room this morning at 4:30. Said he needed tucked back in and sat on the edge of the bed repeating that every few seconds until Chris (finally) got up to take care of it. I had just gotten my usually through the night sleeper Beckett back to sleep and he would have woken up if I got up to take care of Finn. After a few repetitions from Finn, Beckett woke up for round 537 of night nursing.

Woke up at 9:30 to find that Beckett’s diaper had slipped off at some point. We co-sleep. Um, yeah. Thank you sucky cheap velcro.

We went along to watch the Wing Jitsu class today, but spent most of the time walking around trying to get Beckett to take a much needed nap. In his defense, he might have been in a better mood if I hadn’t scared the snot out of him with the hand dryer in the ladies room shortly after we got to the rec center.

He did get a couple of slightly long catnaps in today allowing me to close my eyes for a few minutes, read a little Sherlock Holmes and cook.

He looks so innocent, huh.

He is four months old now, which apparently means that he will both do crazy cool stuff every day like figure out how to kind of sit by himself and laugh at anything Finn does while at the same time refusing to sleep because either everything is just! so! exciting! or he’s hungry and tired from all the amazing new stuff he’s doing. Oddly enough I’m a little fuzzy on this stage in Finn’s life. Probably because I never slept and couldn’t drink coffee without dire consequences. (Thank you, Beckett for not having the same reaction to caffeinated milk.)

My latest parenting dilemma is when to start solids. Ped. said anytime between 4-6 months is fine to introduce solids, but most everything else, including the AAP says 6 months. I planned to wait until 6 months, but I do wonder if there is an exception for babies who have almost tripled their birth weight in four months. He certainly doesn’t look like he’s starving, but he is starting to get mad that we don’t share our food.

Anyway, it’s time for B’s third dinner, and typing one-handed is sloooooowwwwww, so ttfn.

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