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New Apron

As I was browsing the net earlier, I came across this cute apron tutorial:

Now, the only apron I own for cooking is a standard styled apron from my days working at Burger King ten years ago. I decided to finally retire the old BK apron and give the tutorial a shot.

Here’s a few pics of the final product. Please excuse the currently-under-construction bathroom. Other than Finn, there’s no one around to take photos now, and it’s the only room with a full mirror.

I double layered it for added protection and used bias tape so all seams are neatly hidden.

All the materials were things I already had lying around. If I had white bias tape, I probably would have used it, but now that it’s done I’m glad I used the red.

I may go back and add a couple of patch pockets on the front. I haven’t decided if I would like the look better with or without pockets yet.

The whole project, including drawing the pattern out full scale took about three hours, with the help of Finnian. (That translates to 1.5 hours to 2 hours without “assistance”.) There’s a few areas that I think could be improved on, but for my first attempt at something like this I’m pretty happy with it. If I make others, I do think I’ll make the neckline a little deeper. It’s not tight, but I think it would lay a little smoother if it was bigger.

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  1. That is such a cute apron pattern! Very retro cool!:o)

  2. Very cute apron! I love the sunflowers! ~Julie ❤

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