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New developments

There are two new things in our household. They are:

That’s right. Beckett went from being toothless to having two little teeth poking through. I guess he thinks that means he’s all grown up, because the very next day he said “Mama” and began cruising along the coffee table to get the kitty.

Finnian is keeping it all about the teeth, too.

Beckett is probably thinking, “WTH?! Here I am being tortured just to get my teeth and they’re just going to fall out. And I don’t even get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.”

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy, instead of making the Tooth Fairy try to grope around under the pillow for the tooth without waking Finn, I made him a Tooth Fairy pillow that can hold his tooth on his nightstand for easy Tooth Fairy access. Because I am the queen of procrastinators (and Finn insisted on me putting his name on it after I had it stuffed and stitched), it is a little, um, unpolished. I’m thinking of smoothing out the rough spots in my design and listing a few in my shop. What do you think?

There is a tooth-pocket on the front of the brilliantly white tooth. I promise.


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