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New Product at SubEarthan Cottage – Recycled T Shirt Market Totes

Set of three recycled t-shirt totes.

New at SubEarthan Cottage are my recycled T-shirt shopping totes. I’ve been using this style of bag for a while now because they are incredibly light weight and durable, not to mention a great, cute way to reuse t-shirts that would otherwise sit around taking up space in a closet or landfill. The stretchy material makes them expand to hold just about anything. Almost as much as Mary Poppin’s carpet bag, although I wouldn’t try to carry a floor lamp in one.  They’re great to use for grocery shopping, or leave a few in your car for those times when you find yourself needing a bag, like impromptu library trips or when your kids’ things seem to magically multiply over the course of a short car trip. And they’re easily washable. If you can wash a t-shirt, you can wash these bags.

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